4 Pre-Travel Planning Tips to Make Coming Home Easier

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You know the rush you get when the wheels of a plane lift off the ground, and you know your next stop is going to be your destination? I absolutely love that feeling. There really isn't anything about traveling I don't absolutely love, except the part where you have to come home and join the real world again. 
I can't even keep track of the number of times Thomas and I have come home from traveling, poured ourselves in to bed and been so irritated when we woke the next morning because we either had no coffee, no food, the house was a mess, or a combination of all three of those. A little over a year ago we decided to implement a few pre-travel must-dos to help keep us from wanting to kill each other the first morning back from a trip.
1. Clean your house before you go. This is a no brainer for me because I hate having a messy house. Coming home to a messy house is the quickest way to send me in to a tizzy. Finding clean sheets on my bed and no clutter filling the hallways when I walk in to my house for the first time after a trip is the best feeling ever.
2. Grab a few delicious Jimmy Dean Freezer Breakfast Bowls to have for your first morning back from vacation. No one likes being hungry, much less, being hungry and having nothing to eat. We always try to stock the refrigerator with a few things to eat on our first morning home. Jimmy Dean makes it so easy to fall in love with their amazing flavors and high-quality ingredients. These bowls are also perfect for a super quick and super delicious dinner. Plus, they're big enough to fill Thomas and I up.
3. Load up on coffee. I know, I know, not everyone has coffee running through their veins. But for those of us who do, or even slightly enjoy it... STOCK UP BEFORE YOU GO. Having a fresh cup of coffee with a delicious breakfast on your first morning home from your travels can totally be a lifesaver!
4. Fill your car with gas. Maybe you like going to the gas station and standing in the elements to pump your gas... Or maybe you can't stand it just as much as the next person. Fill up your tank before you head out on your travels. Having to fill up first thing in the morning after you
Whether you're just heading out for the weekend, or going on a two week excursion, coming home is inevitable. So why not make it super easy, and quite delicious?


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