17 Awesome Austin Murals

If there was one city I had to say I would truly give up living in Dallas for, it would hands down, be Austin, Texas. In the last five years, Thomas and I have spent close to three months in Austin, and every single time we are there it feels as if we are visiting new parts of the city we have never seen before, and falling even more in love with the town!
That being said, every single time we are there, we find more murals. Some we've seen a million times on Instagram and some most we can't even find on the depths of Instagram! We compiled a list of as many of the murals in Austin as we could find, along with pictures and their locations!
Don't Mess With Texas Mural @ San Jacinto & 6th/7th
This bright and colorful mural directly faces Highway 35. Thankfully, there's a "loading area" right in front where you can park (for five whole minutes) in order to snap a pic!
Greetings From Austin's Mural @ 1st & Annie 
Tucked away in South Austin, this adorable, highly Instagramed spot is just off of 1st Street. If you're lucky, there will be other mural-seekers around to snap your pic, if not, have your selfie stick ready!
You're My Butter Half Mural @ MLK & Alamo 
Just to the East of 35 is the Butter Half mural, on the side of the United Way building. These lovely folks keep up with the mural, and are always out there repainting it whenever some jerk sprays graffiti over it. Be sure to stop in a Bennu Coffee across the street after wards for a delicious iced coffee!
I Love You So Much Mural @ 1300 S. Congress
Grab a Jo's Green tee (or iced coffee) and start your South Congress mural hunting at this popular spot! Jo's has a ton of delicious iced drinks to cool you off, and an adorable patio area just on the other side of the mural if you need a spot to chill for a bit! 
Willie for President @ Home Slice Pizza on South Congress 
Can you actually visit Austin without stopping at the Willie For President sign? Grab a slice (or three) at Home Slice and snap a few pics with the man himself!
Smile Neapolitan Sandwich Across the street from Willie for President
Directly behind the Willie For President sign is this adorable Neapolitan sandwich mural! Grab some ice cream (or anything) for the little food trucks next to this mural and snap a few pics- even if you don't want to ;)
Love From Austin @ Magnolia Cafe
Tucked away on the side of Magnolia Cafe is this adorable mural. Wear a pop of color and hop in front of this giant wall for a cute pic with your bff or boo!
Austin Skyline on Lamar (down from Matt's El Rancho)
Howdy @ 601 W 6th St
Parking is tough over here, so be prepared to pay for a spot! But the bright colors make it perfect for a fun photo op!
Galaga at Kung Fu Saloon 
Hi, How are you? @ 2100 Guadalupe 
Tower Stars at Night Down from UT Co-Op on Guadalupe
Austintatious down from UT Co-Op on Guadalupe
Austin TX @ 3700 Guadalupe
Austin Lightning @ 3700 Guadalupe 
State of Texas Down from UT Co-Op on Guadalupe
Taco 'Bout Love @ Tyson's Tacos
Skip the tacos here, just grab a pic!
Did I miss any of your favorite Austin murals? Does your fav city have a ton of murals? If murals aren't your thing, we have an entire list of things to do on a weekend in Austin, Texas!



  1. love the neopolitan one!
    xo, hannah

  2. I love "you're my butter half" - so, so cute!

  3. Ahh You're my butter half! I love that one. Super cute. :)

  4. Haha You're My Butter Half and Taco About Love - too cute! These places look incredible!

  5. These are awesome! I need to plan a trip back to Austin!

  6. omg those murals totally look amazing!! I wish I had time to wander around seattle to find murals :(

  7. I cannot get over these! I seriously need to explore my city to see if we have any beautiful artwork like this. Super super cute!

  8. How cute are those murals!! Austin is always so much fun.

  9. All these murals are so cute! I'll have to check them out on my next trip!

  10. Austin is by far one of my favorite cities! It's so beautiful and cultured, and there's so much to do. I have a photo with the "I Love You So Much mural, but I haven't seen or visited any of the others. Looks like I need to make a trip!

  11. I love finding murals! I really like the Taco 'Bout Love one!

  12. i would totally move to Austin too if i could..love that city! these murals look adorable and there are so many new ones I'd like to check out.

  13. Ok, I need to visit Austin ASAP! SO many pretty murals and the butter one is my favorite!!
    Amy | Pastel N Pink

  14. I'm heading to Austin for Labor Day, so this couldn't have come at a better time!
    Tori || Victori Media

  15. So many fun murals! I wish my city had some, I feel like we have no murals!!

    The Classic Brunette

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  17. My friend and I painted and huge one on 9th and Nueces... 6 stories tall and 140 ft wide. It's called "Exalted" you can see pictures of it on my website. www.estudiobradlio.com or @bradlio1 on instagram