NYC Dessert Spots

If you have been anywhere near social media the last year or so, I'm sure you've seen some of the crazy, wacky, dessert places that pop up on popular "foodie" pages... And you know that New York pretty much takes the cake on the city with the most outrageous desserts known to mankind.
So earlier this summer, when Thomas and I jetted off to New York City, I knew we were going to want to document all of the delicious dessert spots we stopped at.
Here's a list of some of the best and "stop worthy" dessert spots we stopped at while in the Big Apple!
Junior's Cheesecakes - Brooklyn  
Arguably, the best cheesecake I have ever laid eyes upon my taste buds! And I've had a lot of cheesecake in my day. There was just something about the texture and flavor. It's a must try when in New York. There was just something about Juniors that just blew me away. So much so, we're thinking of adding it to our dessert bar at our wedding (they do online orders/delivery! 
Levain Bakery - Upper West Side 
These cookies may be some of the most decadent things you have ever tasted. After a stroll through Central Park (or after getting engaged at the Bethesda Fountain ;) which you can read about HERE) you absolutely must stop in at this tiny little cookie shop. It's so small, you might miss it! Look for the blue door and follow the delicious smells down the steps to the cookies. It really is one of the smallest shops ever, so grab a few cookies, and get the heck out, because you're going to want to devour these things! 
Treat House - Upper West Side
Again, another fab find after an afternoon of strolling through Central Park! This little shop will transport you straight back to one of your childhood favorites... Rice Krispy treats! But these are far superior to any treats that came in a wrapper through grade school. Tons and tons of fancy flavors fill these cases. They can even do custom orders with different emblems or flavors!
Dylan's Candy Bar - Upper East Side 
Obviously Dylan's is famous, and a chain, but come on you guys. You have to admit, the store is awesome, the candy is tasty, and the ice cream shop is the bomb! We got the fruity pebbles ice cream with fruity pebbles on top and it was absolutely mouth watering! Stop in! Grab a treat, and enjoy the views. 
Spot Dessert Bar - East Village 
This little hidden gem is an absolutely diamond! Initially Thomas and I stopped in here for the bubble tea in a light bulb, hello, who wouldn't love drinking out of a light bulb? But when we arrived, just about everyone around us had one of these toasts. So we succumbed to the peer pressure, and ordered a toast. And holy cow, were we happy we did! This "Golden Toast" literally melts in your mouth and the ice cream and strawberries are the perfect addition. I would put this as one of the MUST TRY places in New York!
Snowdays Shaved Cream - East Village
Snowdays was right next to our apartment in East Village, and we easily went here a million times. Okay that's an exaggeration, but it was so tasty, we just had to go back a couple times. Shaved cream is such a huge trend right now, and honestly I hope it never goes away. 
Dessert Club Chickalicious - East Village 
If you are looking for absolutely delicious, unique, totally out there desserts, this place is for you. Also on our street in East Village is this little gem. There are two similar locations right across the street from one another, but Dessert Club Chickalicious is the most relaxed of the two. We got the black sesame ice cream in a churro cone (calories don't count when you're traveling- duh), and it was so good, we contemplated getting a second one. The toasted sesame chips and the condensed milk drizzle made for the most exquisite dessert. 
Wowfulls - Lower East Side 
I don't even know where to start. Puffy waffle cones are totally a thing now, and I am loving it. We got green tea ice cream with pineapple, coconut, and green tea Pocky, it was bomb. Wowfulls has so many different creations, there is bound to be something for everyone! 
Cookie DÕ - Greenwich Village
Yes, this place really exists, and it really is good. This place deserves ALL of the hype it gets. It's delicious. End of story. We were fortunate and went right in the middle of dinner time on a Friday night, and had only a 5-10 minute wait, but I've heard horror stories of people waiting for HOURS. It's good, but not worth a three hour wait. Get the smallest size they have, and plan to share it. This treat is amazing, but also so so sweet. 
Buns Bar - Chelsea 
Are there actually people in the world who don't like milkshakes? These over-done yet overly delicious milkshakes come in a crazy decorated mug and are absolutely delicious. Don't think you can drink one by yourself, it's next to impossible. You also can't "choose" your own design for the mug, but beggars can't be choosers. If you are really feelin' it,  get a shot of your favorite alcohol in your milkshake, totally worth it!
Bubby's - High Line 
Technically this isn't a dessert place, but technically, who cares? We stopped in at Bubby's after a morning of sleeping in for brunch. Which was fabulous! Our server was incredible friendly, and managed to talk us in to a slice of lemon meringue pie, and clearly she could see that lemon meringue pie was both mine and Thomas' weakness, so we ordered a slice. And no sooner than we ordered it, we devoured it. The pie was amazing. Order the pie, you can thank me later. 
Ring Ding Bar @ Duane Park Patisserie - TriBeCa 
I'm not exactly sure how I have gone my entire adult like not knowing this place existed, but I am elated that I now know. These little pieces of handheld heaven transport you back to a childhood paradise of ring dig heaven, except these are a little more sophisticated, and come in about 47 different flavors. 
Taiyaki - Chinatown 
The whole ice cream in a fish trend has gone CRAZY since we were in New York! Maybe it was before, and i just didn't realize it, who knows. What I do know, is this green tea ice soft serve in this decadent fish cone, might just be one of the best desserts ever. (Pictured with a skewer of mochi also)

Did I totally miss your fav NY dessert spot? Or do you have a dessert that tops all of these in your city? Let me know down in the comments.


  1. Girl! These desserts have got me salivating! Especially the cookie dough!

  2. omg, I gotta go to these places!! I've been to levain, and it is totally amazing!!!

  3. Saving this because I'm going to NYC again next year! The cookie dough is RIGHT up my alley!

  4. Just another reason why I want to visit NYC so bad!!
    xo, Lily
    Beauty With Lily

  5. I'm SO glad you added Juniors to your list - we buy their mini cheesecakes in bulk and store them in our freezer hahahah!

  6. How fun is that lightbulb tea? So many great treats!

  7. A new dessert bar just opened here, I have yet to go there and I bet their desserts won't be as good as the ones pictured here!

  8. This is a great roundup! Will definitely check out some of these spots the next time I'm in NYC!

  9. I am going to New York for my birthday and I am definitely going to at least two of these places.


  10. All of that looks so good! I'm so saving this for later for when I make a trip to NYC!

  11. NYC is in my bucket list this year! And I'm pretty sure that it would be fun! I'll make sure to bring my friends as well.

  12. I am ALL about cheesecake, especially classic New York cheesecake!

    xo, Chelsie @ Hey There, Chelsie

  13. OMG YUM! I'm going to NYC this weekend so I'll be going to some of these spots!

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