Cheap Double Date Night Ideas

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As a young 20 something enjoying fun, easy, and cheap date nights at home are so important! When my bestie told me she was moving 10 miles from me (versus the 55 she lived before) I knew we were going to soon be implementing a whole lot of movie/hang out nights together! 
We've been best friends since we were 12, so nights like these were all to easy when we were younger and lived a mile apart. Now that we are older, we both value our friendship (and our men) so having chill date nights with our guys, is one of the easiest things to do. 
When all four of us have crazy busy schedules and planning date nights out aren't always possible, turning to a date night in with Coca-Cola™ and Tombstone pizza from Dollar General!

It's not easy to make a group of four (or more) happy for under $5 but with the digital coupon for $1 off a Tombstone pizza and 1.25L Coca-Cola, it's oh SO easy! Here's a few of my favorite date night ideas for a small group that all involve a little Coca Cola and a delicious Tombstone pizza!
When planning date nights in (or out) it's so nice to be able to pull together a meal for under $5!
1. Doing a home project together while sharing a super easy meal
Bestie just get a new house that has a few at home projects that need to be done? Maybe one of you guys just moved and you need a night in to help the other unpack, or tackle a DIY project! This one is almost too perfect because you can bond, make lasting memories and enjoy some delicious drinks and bites!
2. Movies & Chill with a super easy dinner
Having movie night is one of my most favorite things to do. After a long day, or week, or month, being able to just hang out with friends and enjoy a movie in is fabulous. Alternating who brings the movie and who brings the food is always a good idea, variety is the spice of life!
3. Grabbing a coupon for a Local Adventure or other discount pass and eating pizza at home before going on the adventure
Hello! $5 dinners are the bomb. The only thing better is grabbing a discount pass for an adventurous night out for super cheap as well! After enjoying a Coke and Tombstone pizza from Dollar General, enjoying a fun escape room or other cheap outing with Groupon makes for an awesome date night.
4. Host a game night in with Coca-Cola and Tombstone
Who doesnt love a night of friendly competition, drinks, and pizza? Enough said!
5. A couples picnic with pizza, drinks and games in a fun park.
Are there actually people in this world who don't enjoy picnics? Just curious. Because I am so not one of those people. I always opt for the non-traditional picnic meal options, and try to find the craziest park possible! Especially during warmer months, there are so many fun festivals or concerts in the park. Consider packing your pizza up in cute tupperware, pouring a nice cold glass of Coke in your tumbler and heading to listen to some live music. Sometimes, getting out of the house can totally change the mood!
The next time you're in the mood for a cheap and quick meal, be sure to stop in at Dollar General and grab a delicious Tombstone pizza and Coca-Cola! You can use THIS COUPON for $1 off! 

What are some of your favorite ways to enjoy a cheap date night in?



  1. Yey!!! For bestie's moving closer! And yes--these all sound like amazing and fun things to do! ~ Client

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