Breckenridge Food Guide

Last year, Thomas and I went on the most spectacular Christmas vacation to date (you can read about it here)! In lieu of presents, we decided to hit the slopes, and headed to Breckenridge, CO! We had the most incredible time in Breckenridge. We stayed in the cutest AirBnB, we loved all of the fresh powder on the slopes, and we chowed down on some delicious eats! 
Before we even booked our trip, we were researching some of the best spots to grab breakfast, lunch, & dinner! We searched just about every Yelp! page, every blog review, and of course, asked the locals. I definitely think we hit all of the hot spots, without breaking the bank!

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We definitely had our fix of Mexican while on our trip! Oscars had some delicious drinks, and even better food! The tacos were shared were the bomb! We tried a few different ones, like the cilantro lime tequila shrimp and the shredded chicken.
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Crepes A La Cart might have been one of our favorite stops while in Breckenridge. It was so close to our condo, and they had the most delicious crepes. Granted, there was only outdoor seating, AKA freezing your bootay off, but the deliciousness of the crepes made up for the freezing temps!

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If you go on vacation and don't indulge, did you really go on vacation? Pizza is one of my favorite indulgent items, so having pizza on vacation is totally my thing. Giampietros Pasta & Pizzeria in Breckenridge was everything we could have asked for. They giant pizza and delicious bread was the perfect meal to eat after a long day on the slopes. 
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Empire Burger was our first stop the night we arrived in Breckenridge. And it was THE BOMB. We had been traveling all day, and were absolutely famished, so a huge burger, fries, and an adult root beer float were all totally appropriate (and delicious) choices for dinner!
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We may or may not have gone back to clients 37 times. Okay that may be an exaggeration, but Clint's had the MOST delicious blueberry-lemon-poppy seed muffins that Thomas and I couldn't resist! We were also in love with their bagel breakfast sandwiches. Seriously, the most perfect carb-loaded breakfast and bakery option to prepare you for a day on the slopes.
We may have stopped in at Mary's Mountain Cookies almost every single day. Okay, that's a stretch, but the cookies, and candy and sweets are just too hard to resist. And, it was literally over the hill from our AirBnb, so how could we say no?
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We had a BLAST at Downstair's at Eric's. Granted, we didn't eat anything, we just played old arcade games, the food looked delicious. It totally had the coolest vibe, and who doesn't love playing arcade games while eating delicious food?
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We stopped in at Soupz On after our snowmobiling adventure! You know, you really work up an appetite when the temps are -30 degrees! This was a spot the local guys (our tour guides) recommended we try, and we know why! Easily one of the best and cheapest meals we ate all week! Pop in, grab some soup and some of their delicious bread and sit a while!
We just happened to stop in at The Lost Cajun on one of our last days in Breckenridge. We saw the sign in the window with a picture of these delicious little desserts, and knew we had to have them! There's no secret as to how these little puff balls ended up on my Breckenridge Food Guide! Granted, we only had the beignets, but everything in here looked delicious!
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We wanted one nice dinner while in Breck (duh) so we decided on Kenosha after lots of recommendations for locals. They definitely knew what they were talking about! Shout out to those locals for helping Kenosha land a place on my Breckenridge Food Guide! Kenosha was a little  more casual than the steakhouses we are used to, but the food was just as good. We had the beer pretzels, steaks, and some delicious desserts! Definitely a must stuff if you're in town for a special holiday, or just want a dang good meal!

Breckenridge is such a beautiful town, and all of the delicious food options only makes it that much better!
Have you ever been to Breckenridge? What's your fav food spot from the little town?


  1. Looks like such a fun trip! I've never been to Colorado but Breckenridge looks so fun!


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  3. This post made me so hungry! haha. Everything looks so good!

  4. Holy crap. All of the food sounds and LOOKS so tasty!! I've never been to Colorado mostly because I'm ultra-paranoid I'm going to get lost in the snow, but man oh man, does all of this food alone make me want to go. Tucker's sister and boyfriend visited Colorado last summer and said the same thing about altitude sickness - it's still crazy to me how much we can be affected by the altitude. Great post, girlfriend and now I'm hungry...

  5. I've always wanted to go to Breckenridge! Pinning this for later!

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  6. Sitting at work at 10 in the morning and literally drooling over all the food descriptions.. dying. Everything sounds so good!

  7. Oh my gosh that looks amazing! I've never been to Colorado but it looks beautiful. Not gonna lie, that pizza pic made my stomach growl! Ha! Hope you had a lot of fun!

  8. Breckinridge sounds like the ultimate adventure! I need to learn how to ski or snowboard

  9. All of this food looks SO good! I don't do any kind of snow sports, but I wouldn't mind hanging around at a lodge all day and checking out all of this yummy food at night!

    XO, SS || Seersucker Sass

  10. This place looks like the perfect weekend getaway! Wish I lived closer...

  11. The food looks amazing. My mouth is literally watering in class rn. You know Ryan and I are all about the food so this was perfect! Also loving the pic of Thomas in the title graphic LOL!

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  13. Thanls for the info! This will be our first trip to Breck next month. Can't wait to try these places!!!