Uncommon Sports Gifts for your Guy

I can not believe I am saying this, but Christmas will be here in a month! Last year, I really focused my gift giving on gifting experiences and not stuff, but we all know having a least one thing to unwrap under the tree on Christmas morning. Buying gifts for my sister, and mom and all the other girls in my life is fairly simple, but the guys is where it gets tricky. I've learned, if Thomas wants something, he'll usually just go and buy it himself, leaving me with absolutely nothing to get him for Christmas. Which always leaves me in a tizzy for the few weeks before Christmas, because I always tell myself I'll find something really good, and I never do. 
Or maybe I should say I never did! I started browsing through the Uncommon Goods website a few weeks ago, and I realized they pretty much had everything Thomas never knew he might want! Thomas, being the sports lover he is, is the inspiration for my gift ideas for the sports lover in your life. Regardless of what sport your special someone loves, there is a gift for them on Uncommon Goods. 
If you aren't familiar with Uncommon Goods, they are working to change the way business is done by making sustainability a part of every decision they make. Uncommon Goods focuses on making a positive impact on not only the workplace, but the world!
Some of my favorite Christmas Gifts form Uncommon Goods are:
1. Baseball Diamond Game $50- How fun is this? Even if it's not being played constantly, it is super cute and would look adorable as the center of a family game night or just on the center of the family table. 
2. Home plate Doormat $25- This earns a spot on my gift ideas for the sports lover, because who doesn't love an adorable Home plate marker? I created a home plate wreath a few years back, and it still hangs on my front door all during the season! This little doormat would definitely grace my doorway all year long!
3. Ski Resort Blueprints $75-$175- These are a little different than the average blueprint. Thomas and I are huge skiers, and this would definitely be the kind of gift that would make a statement. 
4. Baseball Stadium Art $199- Do you happen to be a cubs fan? What an awesome freaking way to commemorate your stadium! These come in every single stadium for all of the MLB teams, and would make the perfect addition to your guys man cave or ladies office gallery wall!
5. "Safe" Paperweight $42- Some days I think paperweights are so out, and then a gust of wind blows through my window, or a door shuts a little too fast, and all of my paper goes flying off my desk. And at that moment, I realize I seriously need a paperweight. This little paperweight is one of my favorites Christmas gifts for a man! This little guy would be the perfect, easy addition to any desk of a baseball lover. 
6. Mug with a Hoop $24- Hold the phone y'all. Who doesn't want a mug filled with hot chocolate while dunking mini marshmallows through the little hoop? This mug comes in every sport you can think of, and will totally keep you entertained while sipping a delicious beverage!
7. Tabletop Cornhole $45- Now, corn hole may not technically be a legit sport, but it sure is fun! Who wouldn't love to have this little tabletop corn hole game on their desk for the days you just can't handle anymore real work?

Have you checked out Uncommon Goods? They have so many awesome Christmas gifts for men and Christmas gifts for women
Do you have any favorite, unique items that you love to give the sports lover in your life?
This post was sponsored by UncommonGoods.com. While I was compensated for this post, all thoughts and opinions are my own. As always, Savvy Southern Belle thanks you for your support of the brands that support us. 


  1. These are all such good ideas! I'm not a huge sports fan so its nice to have ideas of things to get people who are.


  2. I love the idea of a tabletop cornhole! That's so creative!

    XO, Brooke

  3. I love these! That is the cutest doormat!

  4. What cool gift ideas! I love that basketball mug!

  5. These are great ideas for my brothers. They're obsessed with anything sports related!

    Greta | www.gretahollar.com

  6. This is such an ideal post for this time of the year! What a great idea. I don't really have a sports lover in my life, but these are all awesome gifts!

  7. My dad has never been into sports and I don't have any brothers... but maybe someday I'll have a sports loving significant other. ;-) These are such creative ideas though!!

    xoxo A

  8. Oh my goodness! The home plate doormat is so cute.

  9. Such great ideas! ANY guy would love them!


  10. I also can't believe Christmas is so close! These recommendations look really fun!

  11. Ah bummer my man is not into sports! My dad is though perfect :)

  12. These are all such great ideas! Spots gifts are the best to buy!

  13. These are all great picks! I love that basketball mug!

    The Blush Blonde

  14. Such an awesome round-up!! Thanks for the ideas. Sometimes men can just stump you on what to get.

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