Thursday, October 13, 2016

Savvy Travel Tips {Planning}

I can not tell you how many people ask me how we travel so much. I think travel has just become so natural to us, we just make it happen. But obviously, for some people, that is not how it works, but it should be! Traveling is something unlike anything else, the experiences, the different cultures, foods, it's all just mind blowing sometimes, and I really think everyone should be able to experience it. I previously posted my Savvy Travel Tips, with a few tips for all aspects of traveling. But after tons of questions, and lots of travel talks, I thought I'd create an installment of travel tips that I live by! When we are thinking of where we want to travel next (tis the season) there are a few travel tips we take in to account before booking.

Can you travel in the off season? This one is kinda hard, because well off-season doesn't always mean we can travel during that time. BUT have you seen the differences in prices of hotels and things like that during the off season? For instance, hotels in a ski town during winter months are 4xs the amount they are during summer months, for all the obvious reasons. But if you're looking for a getaway, it makes sense!

Do you have different dates in mind? Obviously, being flexible when you are planning anything is imperative, but have two or three sets of depart/return dates is a great idea. You can compare prices for the dates, and see which works best with your schedule and budget.

Have you checked prices on With things like their fare calendar and the ability to search many airlines at once, makes it so much simpler to find flights that match your criteria. They will even find incoming/outgoing flights on two separate airlines if they think that is cheaper for you!

Can you leverage frequent flyer miles? Now, I know, FF miles are a pain in the butt to keep track of. They're kinda confusing, and they take a while to accumulate, BUT they can really come in handy. Where you or your travel companion might not both have enough to get free flights, one of you could use their miles for a free flight, and then you split the cost of the other flight between the two of you. If you haven't signed up for a FF program, but you've been on a airplane, I highly recommend signing up, you have nothing to lose!

Do you have Credit Card points? I get it, not everyone has credit cards. They aren't for everyone, but if you do have one, and you have one with some form of rewards points, use them! One of my CCs uses the normal 1% back on all purchases, but my Discover CC has 5% back every quarter on various things, and even now, my debit card (you read that right) has cash back deals! Scan the deals on your debit and credit cards. If nothing else, use some of those rewards points you've built up to cut down on costs!

Do not try to plan everything at once! This is something I have been so guilty of in the past. But after many failed attempts, I've realized this is not a good idea. Lay everything out that you want to do, sure. But don't try to purchase everything at once. Reserve the two biggest things- flight accommodations and stay. These are usually the things that fill up the quickest, and prices will go up quickest with these, especially flights. If you find a great priced flight, jump on it. But save the little things for later!

What's something you always do when planning your travel?
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  1. When Tuck and I started talking about planning a trip to Nashville, I definitely let my excitement get the best of me and wanted to plan everything that day. After a few weeks, I somehow calmed down and it was weird to see how I had let my excitement cloud my focus and actually prevent me from finding deals. These are great tips, Tiff!

  2. My big tip is to plan a year in advance! We got our flights and hotels super cheap and were able to save and plan over the next year for our big trip. Great post!

    Greta |

  3. These are such great tips! I'm always shopping around for the best prices and deals.

  4. This is a great checklist Tiffani!I am in the process of planning a big trip this year so it's super helpful!

    Rachel |

  5. Never heard of thanks for the tip!

  6. Those are great tips! We like to do a few small trips throughout the year with one bigger trip. It's nice to get out and check out other places.

    Xo Jannine |

  7. These are SUCH great tips! I love to travel and I'm always looking for ways to save - the more the better!

  8. Here's a tip: don't wait til the last minute to plan your trip! LOL A few days ago the husband and I decided we're going to the beach. Which beach? When? Where will we stay? Who knows... but we're leaving tomorrow! LOL

  9. I'm planning a cruise in February and just helped save so much! Thank you!! Love all these tips :)

  10. These are some great tips!!!I definitely agree about using credit card points to help save on travels :)

  11. I can't believe I've never heard of! I love credit card points, like free money in your pocket from spending!

  12. Fantastic tips! I do find traveling "off-season" to be the best way to save money on airfare and hotels. I have actually scored free flights thanks to credit card points. Definitely helps!

  13. I love using sky scanner for cheap flights when I have flexible flying dates! Also, I love the United Chase credit card bc honestly, everything goes towards miles and that's all I care about right now.
    Shaguna | gold&hearts

  14. These are great tips! I am always trying to find ways to stretch my dollar (crappy Canadian dollar that is!) so I can enjoy my trips to the max. I also like Google flights to find the best flight deals.

  15. These are great tips! I really need to get a credit card with points!

    The Blush Blonde


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