Delicious Dallas Dessert Spots

If there's one thing I know about, it's food in Dallas. The only thing I know better than the places you can get the best meal, is the places you can get the best dessert. Hello, I haven't gained these extra L-B's eating salads and skipping dessert, duh! Don't get me wrong, Dallas has some great dessert spots, but there are a lot of overrated ones, and definitely a few that aren't technically Dallas based, but people have no idea. Desserting, as I like to call it, is such a fun adventure in Dallas. You can have a bomb dinner at one place and head off to another spot for a delicious dessert. That's just how Dallas rolls.

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Joy Macarons I can honestly say, these macarons are the BEST macarons I have ever had, and I have had a LOT of macarons since these little guys became so popular a few year ago. From the incredible every day flavors like lemon and cookie dough to the delicious seasonal flavors, every single one of their macarons will blow your mind. 

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Howdy Homemade This little ice cream shop will literally blow your mind with their incredible flavors. The first time Thomas and I popped in, the owner, Tom Landis, was serving up scoops and had us try every single flavor they had. Tom Landis not only serves up some of the best ice cream, he has the biggest heart, and employs adults with special needs in Dallas to work in his shop! Truly a gem of a spot!

Berrynaked There are other Popsicle shops in Dallas, so I can't give Berrynaked the title of first pop shop, but I can give it the title of the BEST Popsicle shop in Dallas. These Popsicles are all natural, and all delicious! I seriously can not get enough of them. I'd be lying if I said I haven't taken a few of the Greek yogurt ones home and had them for breakfast. Every single one of their Popsicles is amazing, and you won't even feel guilty after eating one... or five!

Cow Tipping Creamery I grew up just blocks from this little spot. The first time we headed over there, I almost cried seeing my old neighborhood. I reminisced of the things that used to be and fell in love with some of the new spots. Regardless, this little creamery has it figured out! They have a list of ice cream parings that are already designed for deliciousness, or you can chose your own mix ins. Did I mention on certain days you can get your ice cream in a donut? Yep. Heaven. My favorite is the High Tea (pictured above)!

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Emporium Pie I have an undying love for this spot. The cute shop, the delicious pie, it just makes for a fabulous spot. They recently opened their newest location in Deep Ellum! My favorite is the Smooth Operator.

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Sno Now, don't get me wrong, I love the little snow cone shacks just as much as the next person, but this all year round snow cone shop makes others look silly. They have such a huge array of flavors and you can get your snow cone "stuffed" with soft serve ice cream. *Insert heart eye emojis* because this place is heavenly, all year long! My favorite combo is a stuffed birthday cake sno!

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Kate Weiser Chocolates She isn't rated one of the top chocolatier in the world for nothing. These chocolates are some of the most fabulous, delicious, tiny little tasty things you have ever put in your mouth!

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Cake Bar Right next door to Kate Weiser is Cake Bar. A magical little place that serves only cake. The bright decor and friendly staff makes the cake going experience all the better! My favorite is the strawberry and the coconut cake!

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Scrumbcious This little spot is truly a hidden gem. Deep in the City of Mesquite lies this incredible spot. They serve PIE SHAKES! This is a slice of pie, in a milkshake... Let that sink in for just a second. They also have a stand at the fair! Where they not only serve their famous pie shakes, but another fab fair food like fried cheeseburgers! My favorite pieshake is the coconut cream pie shake!

Tiff's Treats I can not say enough about Tiff's. They deliver warm, fresh cookies and brownies. And ice cream if you ask nicely. Granted, this spot started in Austin, there are so many locations in Dallas, it just feels like home. You can have them ordered all day long, and the fabulous delivery drivers at Tiff's Treats will serve them up to you hot and fresh just minutes after you order... Does it get much better than that? My favorite cookies are the snickerdoodle and chocolate chip!

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Glazed Donut Works Is this breakfast? Or is it dessert? Does anyone really know? No. Does anyone really care? No. Because their donuts are delicious, and that's all anyone cares about. Nestled in the hustle and bustle area of Deep Ellum, hop in line around 11pm and patiently wait for GDW to open their doors. Or head over to Luck @ Trinity Gives and try their donuts & beer pairing, how can you go wrong with that one!?

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Super Chix Custard You know how they say most people crave Chick Fil A on Sundays... Well Super Chix is your answer to those cravings! They are almost parallel to Chick Fil A in their menu items, with the exception of a few variations, and their amazing custard. They usually have two main custards and one custard of the week.

Have you been to any of the spots I mentioned? Or did I totally miss your favorite Dallas dessert spot?


  1. I've actually never been to Dallas! Now I need to go!!


  2. If I ever visit ill be sure to stop by at some of those places!

  3. DROOLING! These look so good! I've never been to Texas but am hoping to visit someday soon!

    Rachel |

  4. I'm a donut girl all the way so I HAVE to try Glazed Donut Works! What a neat post, Tiffani!

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  5. Dessert is my favorite and all of these look so good!

    xoxo, Jenny

  6. I went to Houston and ate so much good food!!! Now I wanna go to Dallas.. lol I love food way to much

  7. Give me a second, I need a paper towel to dry up all of my drool over these desserts (kind of gross of me to say, but not wrong). Seriously, ever since I read this post and saw your pic on Insta I started thinking maaaaaaybe Tucker and I will take a trip to Texas in the Spring...

  8. OMG I wish I lived in Dallas right now. All of these places look so good, but I think if I ever go to the city I'll be heading straight to that pie shop!


  9. Well now I really think I should go to Dallas! I love this, what a great post. Deserts are the best!
    Ashley |

  10. That Emporium pie looks incredible!! I want to go to Dallas so badly!

  11. This post is making me hungry! So much yummy food!

    Greta |

  12. Okay how is it that I've never been to ANY of these?!?!? (though Emporium Pies has been on my list for seriously forever)
    Have you ever been to Wild About Harry's? Their frozen custard is THE BOMB.
    XO Amanda |