10 Top Things To Do at The State Fair of Texas

Texas Star ferris wheel
The State Fair of Texas is kinda the biggest deal to hit Texas since, well ever. You guys, I'm not kidding. Schools shut down AND give students free tickets because they know kids would end up skipping school to go anyways. The entire city, and state for that matter, prepares for this all year long. Now, with the incredibly overwhelming size of The State Fair of Texas, it;s easy to get lost in all of the fun there is to do, so I've got you covered. I'm sharing 10 of my favorite, things you must do at The State Fair of Texas
Fletcher's corny dog 
This might be the thing that should be number one on everyone's list. Fletcher's is iconic at The State Fair of Texas, and no fair experience is complete without one. Snag one at the booths by Big Tex and get a pic with your corny dog and the big guy, all in one shot.
Play a game at the Midway 
Did you even visit the fair if you don't play at least one game? There's something invigorating about shooting plates or tossing a basketball in the hoop!
Ride the gondola 
Hoisted high above the midway, is the State Fair Gondola. You can see just about every aspect of the park from the carriage of the gondola. 
Try fried everything 
Now, really, I think this is a given when going to The State Fair of Texas. Seriously. We have more fried foods in a square mile than most places do in an entire city.
GoTexan building
This building is absolutely fabulous. Everything sold and marketed in here is made in the great state of Texas! Not to mention, there are tons and tons of free samples to snack on that aren't fried! The GoTexan building is located at the back of the fair, by the petting zoo and livestock area. 
Starlight Parade 
This parade is one of the best parts of the Fair each and every night.  Floats, horses, clowns, you name it, they have it! 
Automotive Buildings 
This one might be a little silly, but seriously, the automotive buildings at The State Fair are the best. They not only show off some fab cars, but they are some of the only air conditioned buildings at the fair! And with temps well in to the 90's some days, you'll need all of the relief from the heat you can get.
Take picture with Big Tex
No State Fair experience is complete without a picture with the big guy himself. It is absolutely imperative to snag a pic of you and Big Tex. This year, he will be wearing a giant ribbon to commemorate the officers we lost in Dallas on July 7th.
Ride the Texas Star 
It's not rated the best Ferris wheel for nothing! Take a ride on all 212 feet, and have some of the best views of The City of Dallas! The Star is the largest Ferris wheel in North America, is it's the best in the world!
See a concert
You'd be seriously surprised at how many concerts there are at The State Fair! With everything from Country to Latino, they have it all!
State Fair of Texas

As always, Thomas and I grabbed our season passes and are set for lots of date nights at The State Fair of Texas, and I can not wait! 
Have you ever been to The State Fair of Texas? Do you have a fair in your hometown? I wanna hear about it!


  1. I have always wanted to go, but never made it out! I'm gonna try my hardest to go this year- it looks like so much fun!

    I'm from Houston so we have the rodeo, which is so much fun! It's pretty similar! Love all the fried foods.

    xx, Jamie

  2. That picture w Big Tex is so cute! We have a state fair too here in NC, but I haven't been in FOREVER. I'm hoping to get some friends together to go this year!


  3. I've never been to the Texas State fair but it sure does look fun! Fair food is such a guilty pleasure (:

  4. Can you believe I've lived in TX all my life and I've never been to the state fair!? These are on the top of my list when I do go!

    Alix | www.apintsizedlife.com

  5. I love this, I wish we had state fairs here in Canada, we do have fairs in the summer but not as big!

    lots of love... Sydney

  6. This sounds like so much fun! I've never been to Texas (am dying to go!) but I've been to the state fair quite a few times growing up in North Carolina and I think the fried food is always my favorite part - and of course boiled peanuts! Thanks for sharing.

    Pick Your Beau

  7. I want to go to the Texas State Fair so bad! I know it's so much bigger than the State Fair of Louisiana. I just haven't ventured over their for the event yet. Crossing my fingers I get to this year. If so, I'm definitely hitting up everything on this list!

  8. I can imagine Texas would be the best state in America to attend a fair!

  9. I love state fairs and would love to attend one in Texas one day! Looks like so much fun!!
    Amy | Pastel N Pink

  10. I've always wanted to go to this - and Texas! So much fun!

  11. I haven't been to the fair in forever!!! You're making me want to go. The last time I went, I ate all of the fried food hahaha. It was amazing!

  12. This is so great! I'm going to the AZ state fair this weekend!

    Kirsten - http://thewanderingbrunette.com