Thursday, August 18, 2016

Doin' it for the Dogs

Dog Mom Shirt
You guys, the dog mom life is hard work.
 Last week, Thomas and I spent over 8 hours (between two days) cleaning the house from top to bottom because we saw a couple fleas on our fur baby. When I say cleaned the whole house, I mean the whole house. Beds, floors, rooms, ceilings, stairs, shower, and did I mention we bathed her? Yep, like three times.  And this week? Vet visits, and a very needy pooch after receiving some new meds and her annual shots.
Needless to say, I'm exhausted. But you know what? It's so worth it. Sophie is already doing better, and knowing I was able to help her do that, is all the good feels I need in life.
Dog Mom Shirt
While I've been trying to do good by one dog, Kaitlin from Treat Dreams Bakery is doing a lot of good for a lot of dogs! She sent me this adorable "Namast'ay Home With my Dog" shirt to help me show off just home much I'd rather be at home with my dog! Not only does Treat Dreams Bakery have adorable shirts and delicious treats for doggies, they also do some pretty incredible work. Every month, Treat Dreams Bakery chooses a new organization to donate 10% of their profits too. This month, they are working with Mission K9 Rescue which is currently working to bring home our service dogs from overseas. Previously, they worked with organizations like Fetch Fido a Flight Home and Country Roads Animal Rescue. You guys, Kaitlin is doing amazing things with Treat Dreams Bakery, and she loves doing it.
Namast'ay Home With My Dog
Via Treat Dreams Bakery Instagram
If you have a dog, you have a friend who has a dog, or you are dying for a dog, you need one of her adorable shirts. Or if you're a crazy dog mom like me, you totally need to order your doggies next birthday cake from her!  
Whatever is is you end up buying from Treat Dreams Dog Bakery, you are not only getting a fabulous product, but you are helping them help organizations all of the world provide better care and more love for dogs.
You can get my shirt HERE or check out all of the goodies HERE!

While I did recieve either compensation or product for this post, all opinions and photos are my own. As always, Savvy Southern Belle thanks you for supporting companies who support us.



  1. Ha I love that shirt! I need one for my cat!

  2. I desperately need this shirt. I checked out their website and I could definitely use the mug that they sell. I guess it's time to #treatmyself

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  4. I NEED this shirt!! Absolutely love this post :)

  5. That shirt is so cute!!! love it.

  6. So so cute! Every dog mom needs that shirt!

    Cristina /

  7. I've been petsitting this week and it's definitely a lot of work! These shirts are too cute!


  8. I love that shirt!! I definitely see myself adopting a fur baby in the future!


  9. These are too adorable! My mom would totally love it!

  10. OMG I want this shirt!!!! Love it!! My husband would think I am crazy though!

  11. Ugh now I want a dog! The shirt is too cute x

  12. Such a cute shirt! I feel like I'm a "cat mom" haha, but eventually I want to have both cats and dogs!


  13. Omg I need this shirt. So friggin cute!!

  14. What a cute shirt! Perfect for any dog lover!
    Amy | Pastel N Pink

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