5 River Trip Essentials

Floating the river in Texas
Now, I don't know about the rest of the country, but in Texas, as soon as temps start to rise, Texans get this overwhelming urge to head South and float the river. Now, it sounds a little goofy when you think about it, but don't knock it till you try it! Floating the river is so much more than sitting in a tube and drifting around. You add in a few friends, some alcohol and the gorgeous Texas scenery, and you have the makings of a fabulous river floating day. But aside from all of the obvious, there are some things you just can not forget when hitting the river.
Floating the river- Texas
  1. Coolers. Now, one may think this is obvious. It's not. You're about to spend 4+ hours in the Texas sun, DON'T FORGET YOUR COOLER! What kind of cooler and what you put in your cooler is totally up to you, just don't forget it! 
  2. Music! Invest in a cool waterproof speaker, or a cooler with speakers. It's not only a great way to add a little sound to your float, but you're sure to attract other floaters with your music. We invested in this awesome waterproof speaker, and it has definitely become not only one of our river trip essentials but also a great addition for any outdoor activity.
  3. Food! Now, I know your cooler may be filled to the brim with beer and other fabulous alcoholic beverages when you're floating the river, but stick some food in there! We always pack some deli meat and cheeses, and if we are on the long float, some fruit too! Consuming tons of alcohol in the heat, with nothing in your stomach is never a good idea!
  4. Croakies/Sunglass retainers/whatever you call it. You need something to save your sunglasses! Losing your sunglasses in 12 feet of water is not something you want to happen while floating. Most of the tube rental places and even walgreens' close to the river sell floating croakies. They may not be the cutest, but they work damn well! If being fashionable while floating is more your game, check out the Lilly Pulitzer ones above! Get them, you won't regret it!
  5. Sunscreen. This is the biggest and most important one. The only moving you're going to be doing is re-adjusting yourself in your tube, lack of movement + lots of sun= extreme sun exposure. I'm all for getting a good tan, but when floating the river, you really need the strongest sunscreen you can have! Put the damn sunscreen on y'all, and bring it with you to put more on every few hours, you can thank me later!
Floating the river in Texas
Comal River, New Braunfels, TX
Floating the river has become something Thomas and I do at least once every summer. We have floated both the Guadalupe River, The Comal River and a random river in the middle of no where, but we won't talk about that one. Whether we have 10 friends with us, or it's just us two, we always have a great time floating the river as long as we bring along all of these river essentials. Haven't floated before? Lets go together!
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  1. Wow I learned something new about Texas today! I had no idea this was a thing but it looks like a great way to cool off and have a blast with friends! As someone who has super fair skin, it makes me cringe when people come back from days on the water as red as lobsters, so sunscreen is an absolute must for me! :) Thanks for sharing! -Hannah // theswirlblog.com

  2. Yes to all of these. I love going down to the river or lake. Bringing a cooler is such an essential!
    Mikayla | A Seersucker State of Mind.

  3. I really want to get some waterproof speakers.

    1. You should check out A leader mesh slip on water shoes on Amazon. I got these for a trip to Jamaica and have lasted through 3 river trips as well. They are fairly inexpensive and more appealing than other water shoes!

  4. We love tubing here in New Brunswick (Canada!) I've never heard of croakies though!
    xo, Laura

  5. What a fun post!! Tubing in my town has become a very dangerous activity. I wish I could enjoy tubing like this!!

    xo Ashley

  6. Hahahaha I love that tubing in the south vs north picture. So true!!

  7. The north vs. south picture is so true! I think I'm going to the lake this weekend and can't wait for some tubing!

    How 2 Wear It [] http://how2wearit.com

  8. I've never done this but it's definitely on my bucket list! Looks (and sounds) so fun!

    Kayla | kaylablogs.com

  9. How fun! We have a few places you can do this in the summer here...but we also have the winter variety too!

  10. Love this! That North vs South picture is hysterical haha! Tubing in the summer and on a lazy river is my favorite ;)

  11. I adore tubing and I love having a beer cooler tube too. That's the important part!

    Nicole // Chronicling Home

  12. Yessss!! Floating down the river during the summer is one of my favorite things ever. Great tips.

    Sara Kate Styling

  13. We go tubing here in WV too!! Tygart Valley Lake!! A 5 hour float trip with great friends is the best!!! These are great tips. :)

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