Weekend Wrap-Up

I haven't done a weekend wrap up in a while, so I thought I'd share a little look in to my weekend. I so graciously was given a four day weekend by my fabulous boss because they were traveling. PARTAAAY! Kidding, sort of. 
 We kicked off our four day weekend in one of our favorite ways possible... At the ballpark! Over the last 4 years, Thomas and I have seen over 100 baseball games together, in at least 8 different ballparks. Needless to say, being around baseball is definitely our happy place!

Thursday happened to be same day that we lost a legend, if you've been living under a rock, it was Prince. I was so happy to see how The Rangers played tribute to him. So many plugs of "Little Red Corvette," "Purple Rain" and many others. 
Friday, I had a MAJOR school project for one of my classes, and it really had me super worked up all week. I had to engage in a debate on a super controversial topic, and I was given my stance, which meant it was not my own views, and made the research super difficult. None the less, I'm most certain I killed it! Yay!
Saturday afternoon, Thomas and I had some big plans!  
 After grabbing some cocktails at Neighborhood Services, which will forever be my favorite restaurant, we were ready for an awesome afternoon!
Thomas snagged us tickes to the Off The Rails Country Music Fest back in December. When he told me he bought them, I had no idea what he was even talking about. I hadn't heard anything about it, and I sure as heck didn't know the line up. But I know it just couldn't be anything special because our tickets were way too cheap, especially for two days. 
We got to Toyota Stadium around 3 on day 1, and we were so ready to hear some awesome music! It's crazy to see the changes made at this stadium, considering I was part of the founding families who were able to walk in the opening day parade of this place over 10 years ago!

 If you know me, you know I love country music. If you really know me, you know I can't resist Randy Travis. He is an amazing artists, and has had his fair share of health scares the last few years. Last year, I was able to visit his ranch near the Oklahoma border and was amazed at how gorgeous everything was! Anyways, Randy made an appearance at day 1 of Off The Rails, and I could hardly contain my excitement.
I definitely had no idea what we were in for when we got the tickets for this festival, but it exceeded all expectations and was way better than I could have ever imagined. We had such an awesome time watching all of the performers, despite the fact that the festival was all day long, and we pretty much did nothing around the house, I couldn't imagine a better weekend!
What'd you do this weekend?

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  1. It looks like you had a really fun weekend. I hope your debate went well, I always really hated public speaking in school...it totally stressed me out!

  2. I'm not going to lie. Moscow mules in copper cups are my jam!!!! Looks like you had a great weekend.

    Sara Kate Styling

  3. Your weekend sounded so fun! I love going to concerts!
    -Anna | www.fivefootandfabulous.com

  4. This looks like such an awesome weekend! I love reading this posts like this. It makes me want to do them too!

  5. What a great lineup for that concert! I love attending concerts especially country ones :)

    xoxo, Jenny

  6. Looks like a fun weekend! And you deserved it after all the work you put it on that project (and all those other dang assignments we hate for school...haha) That concert sounded so fun! I loved seeing your snaps. Here's hoping your week treats you well, girlie!


  7. I was so sad to hear about Prince :( My dad was devastated. I hope you had a happy Monday!


  8. Sounds like you had a really fun weekend — hope you're off to a great start this week!
    Kayla || Keynotes from Kay

  9. I saw a few movies outdoors in DC and I really want to see one in NYC soon. Thanks for the idea!

  10. What a fun weekend! It sounds like the music fest was a blast!

    xo Ashley

  11. What a fun weekend! Such a great concert line up :-D Xoxo Mindy

  12. Sounds like an awesome weekend!! I've been wanting to go to a concert lately, I haven't been in so long!
    Amy | Pastel N Pink

  13. It looks like a wonderful weekend! I love country music. I totally would have went to that too.