Loving the Baseball Loving Girl

April marks a very important time of the year for me. Right behind Christmas, and my birthday, is one of my favorite holidays of the entire year.. Opening day. And please, do NOT say opening day is not a holiday, because it is! Kidding... Sort of. 
Baseball is so much more than just a sport to me. It's something I grew up with, what started my relationship with Thomas, and what has created some incredible memories throughout the years. It's not easy for a lot of people to actually believe that a woman can really be interested in baseball, but despite popular belief, it is true. Here is a few of my favorite reasons why you should love the woman who loves baseball!

She is loyal as hell This is a gimme. Most baseball fans are loyal, and by loyal I mean don't you even mutter a negative word about our team, or you're dead. Don't think this wont come in to play in your relationship. Loyalty, whether it be to her team, or the man she loves, is deeply rooted, and won't be broken.
Just the word superstition alone freaks her out. Curse of the Bambino? This girl can perfectly explain what that was all about, and she might just have to circle the parking lot a few times before the game... You can't break tradition, and you sure as hell can't chance the superstitions.
She looks cute in a baseball hat. Hello low maintenance. Men, if your girl is willing to throw on a hat for the game and call it a day, realize just how lucky you are. You won't be late to the game because she couldn't get her contouring just right. She isn't going to be high maintenance 24/7, she's okay with just winging it, and making do with what she's got. That being said, she can still dress up and look damn cute while doing it.
Her ESPN app might go off more than yours from April-October.
At dinner and your girls phone won't stop going off? Don't worry, its not another guy, its her ESPN or MLB app. Oh, you thought girls didn't know about that? Good one. No woman goes in to things blind. If a woman has her heart set on something (like any good woman would do with baseball, or a fabulous man) she's going to capitalize on that in any way. I bet she has a few apps that contain things that would make you happy as well.
You know opening day is as big of a deal to her as Christmas is.
Flowers are great, but every baseball loving girl wants nothing more than you to show up with a bouquet of game tickets for the season.
The thought of making it to October makes her giddy.
Making it to October means so much more to her than getting a damn pumpkin spice latte, it means her team is rocking it. It means everything she has hoped for, and all the long games, and sweaty summer days at the ballpark were so worth it.


  1. Hehe this was a cute read! I am definitely not a sports girl but I loved your reasons for loving a baseball girl!

  2. I love baseball!! I was just at the opening game between the Cubs and the Angels (not either of my teams, but it's the closest baseball stadium and I wanted to go!) and it was so great being back in a stadium. I'm not as big of a fan when watching it on TV or listening on the radio, but put me in a Giants game at AT&T park and I'm having the time of my life. What's your favorite team?


  3. I'm not a huge sports girl but baseball is definitely my favorite game to watch!

  4. Omg this is great! The love of baseball runs deep in my family. My cousin and my brother are both catchers. My cousin plays in college and my bother is hoping to get a scholarship next year! Go Phillies :p

    Kayla | kaylablogs.com

  5. That looks like such a good book!

  6. I am not a baseball fan, but let's talk about how amazing hockey is. :)

    1. I lıke playing both of them and I can say that baseball is more exciting . Baseball may not be as physical as some other sports but it still takes a massive amount of hand eye coordination and skill to play it well. It also requires good equipment . It is not as simple as most of the people's feelings .

  7. Yes to all of this! Especially the ESPN app, I'm getting updates on players injuries, what the GM's saying, when the games postponed on top of the score! haha xx Merisa | Monogrammed Magnolias

  8. Sports are waaaaay out of my element, so this post was as educational as it was entertaining. LOL

  9. Such a cute post!! She is probably patient too because baseball games last forever haha.

    Sara Kate Styling

  10. Advance Happy birthday. There are many reason for loves baseball a girl. I think this six reason is the best. Thanks for share your opinion.

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