Home Decor on a Budget [Living Room]

Ever since I was younger, I have loved having a decorated a house. I totally blame this on my mom for completely renovating my childhood home and letting me come along for all of the fun. Don't get me wrong, our house was gorgeous, but my mom has let it slip just how much she spent on everything a few times, and I am shocked. Maybe it's because I just love saving money, but I have promised myself I will never spend crazy amounts on home decor, with the exception of the timeless pieces. Here's a peek in to my living room decor and a few of my favorite ways to keep the price of home decor way, way down!

1.Shop in strange places. I don't mean go to the shady parts of town. I mean go in to stores you normally wouldn't. If you are even remotely crafty, hit up the thrift store and grab some old run down frames and make a giant chalkboard with a super cute frame. Shopping in strange places means you aren't getting the same old things over and over again! [DIY Chalk Paint Picture Frames]
2. Use aspects that don't cost you any money. I think I got this one from Thomas mom. When we first started dating, she had GORGEOUS wine crates displayed, along with some fabulous looking wine bottles. Now, granted the wine bottles cost money, but the crates came along with the wine, but you get the idea. I love using wine corks as fillers and for crafts.
3. Make your surface decor interchangeable. Spending money on separate decor for every single season will get pricey. Other than Christmas and Thanksgiving, I keep all of my "base" decor almost the same. Timeless pieces like vases, frames and of course, furniture are these kind of pieces. I grabbed the spring is here banner and just added it to the surface of my giant DIY chalkboard, because as we all know, Spring in Texas doesn't last long!
4. Shop the sales! Would you believe me if I told you I only buy picture frames if they're on sale for over 45% off? Of course you would because I'm a saving machine, kidding! But seriously, have you ever walked down the clearance isle at TJ MAXX? Taken a peek at the Michael's Ad? Hobby Lobby? Hemispheres? Restoration Hardware? There is ALWAYS frames on massive sale. Photos are a necessity in my home because reminiscing on fabulous memories is one of my favorite things to do, so why not have them displayed in cute frames that I didn't spend a fortune on?!
5. Splurge on the big pieces. I mean literally and physically. That clock is as tall as me, and Thomas insisted on purchasing it, despite it's hefty price. The good thing? This piece is very versatile and could probably go in just about any room of our home, AND it takes up a LOT of room. Bigger pieces= less other things needed to fill space. [Click HERE to read about how I design my gallery walls on a budget]

6. Books! While Y'all Need This Book, from Texas Humor isn't quite your average coffee table book, most coffee table books, take up room, while looking super cute. I know its cool to have the Vogue look book or the giant Chanel book, but those can be expensive. Grab a few large books or ultra chunky magazines from Target and your coffee table, or TV stand in my case, will look just as fabulous.
Having a decorated house is key to making a house feel like a home! What is one of your go to ways to keep prices down when decorating your home?


  1. This gave me so much decorating inspiration! I've always been weary to decorate because I feel like I'll end up spending all my savings but with your tips I have so many great ideas of how to save. I should really start checking the sale aisles at my favorite places and recycling some old products into decor pieces! Love this!


  2. Love the mantel! I want a mantel to decorate when I get a place.

  3. I love your living room! It's so fun and cute, lots of inspiration for my future house! I don't like to spend a lot on furniture either and love getting all my fun little decor items from TJMAXX and Marshalls on clearance!


  4. These are such great tips, thanks for sharing!
    xo, Syd

  5. These tips are so relevant to me as I move into my first apartment in three weeks- loved this post!

    xoxo A

  6. Definitely needed these tips. I'm steadily decorating my apartment to make it feel more like a home. I'm excited to check out a few thrift stores to see what I can find!


  7. You mantle is absolutely adorable! Great tips too. xx Merisa | Monogrammed Magnolias

  8. This is so amazing. I love the little space you decorated above your couch.

  9. Great tips! I have been wanting to redo my apartment!
    Amy | Pastel N Pink

  10. Love the mantel!! Great suggestions Xoxo Mindy

  11. I am obsessed with coffee table books!

    Class Meets Couture

  12. I'm such a "style person" so not decorating isn't an option, but doing it on a budget can be SO hard!! Thanks for sharing. This looks amazing.

    Sara Kate Styling

  13. Great tips. Multi-seasonal items are the best! And I LOVE coffee table books!

  14. I love these tips!