Thursday, April 28, 2016

9 Signs You Have OFD

OFD? What the hell Tiffani, making up stuff again? No, well sort of. OFD is Obsessive FitBit Disorder, and it is so real y'all! I've had my FitBit for almost two years, and I absolutely love it. It helps keep me active, and I love how fashionable they have become! Are you OFD? You tell me!
You have caught yourself jogging around your living room at 11:45 just so you can hit your step goal.
Feeling the buzzing on your wrist when you hit your steps is an instant euphoria.
If your FitBit is charging, you couldn't possibly get steps in during that time.
You have that one friend you secretly hate because their always ahead of you in steps
It's imperative that you have bands in every color, just in case.
You get offended when people say they "just don't understand FitBits."
The thought of sending emails from the treadmill has crossed your mind more than once.
You catch yourself checking your step count almost as much as you check your email.
You know your non-FitBit friends will just never understand!

Do you have a FitBit? Lets be friends!


  1. Hahahaha yessssss! This is great and those gifs were perfection.

    Sara Kate Styling

  2. This is too funny and so relatable!!! Buzzfeed needs to publish this - it's genius :)


  3. hahahah, omg, this was amazing... so accurate !

  4. I don't have a fitbit, but I want to get one!


  5. This couldn't be more accurate! I only got my FitBit a couple weeks ago, but I'm already addicted.

    XO, Brooke

  6. My friend does this to a T! Cracking up!

  7. This is hilarious! I really want a fitbit!

    xo Ashley

  8. Hehe I don't have a fitbit but this still cracked me up! The fitbit struggle is real (:

  9. Lol, I can relate to all of this. I remember jogging on the spot in my PJs before I could go to bed just so I could get my goal.

  10. how funny! I never knew someone could love it so much!

    Laura |

  11. Haha so true! I need to start wearing mine again.

  12. This is SOOO funny! sharing with my friend now hahaha

    How 2 Wear It []

  13. This cracked me up! It's true, the happy dance that occurs when I hit 10,000 steps is hilarious!

  14. hahah, this is so funny! I have been debating whether or not to get a fitbit!
    Amy | Pastel N Pink

  15. OMG this is so great! I'm the exact same way. Whenever my FitBit vibrates I get so happy hahaha. I've also done some walking in place in my bedroom at 11:58 when I realized I'm only 100 steps away from 10k!!

    Kayla |

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