Thrift Store Swap Reveal!

A little over a month ago, I mentioned I was taking part in a Thrift Store Swap group! I showed you all the items I received and some of you guys had great ideas for what I should do with the pieces! But I was still left with absolutely no ideas for a good use for the items!
It was a bit difficult to makeover two of the items because they were ceramic. My only thoughts were to smash them and make a mosaic but I wasn't up for a project of that size, so I simply repurposed them!
Maureen from The Fox & Bear Homestead sent me these items
I painted the wooden tray gold and it goes so well atop my DIY bar! The creams tray is now home to a growler, shaker and a few other martini necessities!
Head over to Five Kids, a Dog, & a Blog to see what Lisa did with the items I sent her!
You can also check out everyone else who was apart of the swap by clicking their links below!


  1. I love how you put those items to good use! Your bar looks great!

  2. Hi Tiffani! So glad to have you join the swap this time. You totally had the right idea for those, they make great additions to your bar! I would have smashed the swan thing anyway. #sorrynotsorry

  3. Ohhh martini additions! I don't like martini's so I don't know why I'm so excited... they just look so cute on your little bar!

  4. Oooh I love little bar cart areas like this. And I love trays! Nice job on your makeovers.

  5. This is so cool! The idea of the swap I mean! I love your bar! So cute!

    Love Always,

  6. Looks amazing!