Carry-On Essentials

Carry On Necessities
  • A good book! Mine just happens to be a girl from Salt Lick, Texas. Which is home to one of the largest flea market towns in Texas, and with a flashy pair of boots on the cover, I just knew I had to have it!
  • Magazine! When books get old, and you're 30 thousand feet in the air, a good gossip tabloid is my go to! I have a 5 year subscription to Cosmo (don't judge!), and it never fails to make its way to my carry on for a flight.
  • Mints! Altoids are my favorite! They are so strong and never fail to kick the coffee breath or a sweet craving at the airport!
  • Unscented lotion! Most people could care less about how strongly scented their lotion is... and that drives me INSANE! I get a migraine from just about everything, including strong scents. I stocked up on these H20+ Sea Moss lotions when I found the travel size on clearance. They have almost no scent and pack some serious moisture!
  • Chaptstick! Changing altitudes can lead to some chapped lips. Don't forget it! Not one likes crackling lips.
  • Passport.... No explanation needed.
  • Passport Cover. So maybe not a dire essential, but this super cute "Jet Set Diva" passport cover is a wallet, a passport holder and can hold your travel documents. It's too perfect to leave at home.
  • Carry On Luggage Tag. We stick our names all over our checked bags but often forget to stick a luggage tag on our carry on bags. Shout out to Thomas for buying this adorable Texas luggage tag for me, he's the best!
Non- Essentials (But still important) 
  • Medicine! For anyone who takes medicine regularly, or just needs an Advil every once in a while, pack it in your carry on! I've heard horror stories about peoples' medicines being taken from their checked bags. Seriously, just be smart, keep any and all medicines with you!
  • Pens. You never know when you may need to jot something down, or in the international case, fill out paperwork on the plan to enter a new country!
  • Hand sanitizer. This should probably be on the essentials list, but not everyone likes hand sanitizer. Me? I put that shit on everything (pun intended!).
  • Chargers. You never know when your electronics may need a boost. Keep these in your carry on bag so you aren't panicking when you hit 5%.
  • iPad/Tablet/Activity Books. Seriously. Flights are long and layovers can be long too. You don't want to lose your mind because of boredom.
  • One day's change of clothes. Because you just never know...
What are your carry on essentials?
Bags are packed, boarding passes are printed, and we are ready to hit PUNTA CANA! I can't wait to be laying on the beach in just a few short hours.


  1. SO Fun! I used to not bring a change of clothes with me... until my suitcase got lost in Germany and I was SOL for 3 days. Now I always bring that! I tend to always bring food with me.. just in case!
    Have FUN!

  2. Have so much fun!
    I always bring snacks with me and a good book and my iPad as well to keep me entertained when I am tired of reading.

    xoxo, Jenny || Breakfast at Lillys

  3. I LOVE that luggage tag!!! Seriously so adorable. Also, I agree with the hand sanitizer...I'm not usually a germophobe but something about being on an airplane with that many people makes me hand sanitizer obsessed!

  4. I love this roundup. I always buy a huge stack of magazines for plane rides. I also really like how you styled this image!

  5. I hope you have a great trip!! I'm super jealous. I definitely agree with carrying your medicine with you. Dramamine on my flight to Hawaii was my best friend. I slept almost the whole time!

  6. Great list and it sounds like you're in for an even better trip! Great point about labeling your carry-on, it's rare but duplicates are out there! Never hurts to reinforce your claim. Have a great time!

  7. Love this list. I also need both books and magazines for a long flight. I almost always get bored with one and have to switch it up. I also need lotion because flights make me skin to flaky and reptile like!

  8. Have fun!! I love the luggage tag, so thoughtful of him to get it for you.

    Kayla |

  9. I am currently boarding a flight to Boston and have those first 3 things in my carry on!! Great list!

    How 2 Wear It []

  10. That's a seriously cute luggage tag! You have to tell me where he found it because you know I need one now, lol. Have a blast on your vacation!

  11. Your travel wallet is so cute as well as that luggage tag!! This couldn't have come in more perfect timing as in the next month I am about to fly to Europe and will definitely need all these things :)

    Annie // Annie N Belle

  12. This is a great list & I agree with everyone else, loving that luggage tag. I always need mints I hate having bad breath the whole flight, ew. Have fun!

    Sam //

  13. Great list!! And Great point about labeling your carry-on!!

  14. Ahh, love this post! I've been flying so much this year, so packing the perfect carry on has been a challenge! Totally agree with the meds, I always have to have Advil with me at all times!

    xo, Alicia | Alicia Tenise

  15. Have fun! I've never flown internationally, and I'm super jealous!

  16. How funny! I'm actually doing a post like this next week! Totally using yours as inspo!

    The Fashionista's Diary

  17. LOVE this post! Pinning this for the next time that I travel :) Hope you have an amazing trip!!

    XX, SS || A Little Seersucker Sass

  18. Great tips TIffani! The only thing I would have to add is a pack of gum! When you're landing or taking off on a plane the change in altitude definitely messes with my head... and gives me crazy altitude sickness! Chewing gums helps relieve some of the pressure... especially when your ears start to pop like mad! Cosmo always makes it in my bag as well...

  19. All of your picks are spot-on! I'm all about the hand lotion on long flights, and I also always pack a sleep mask!