10 in 10 {E-Bar}

Way back in the beginning of May, May 5th to be exact, Thomas, my mom and I headed out for lunch! Considering it was Cinco de Mayo, we knew Mexican would be on the agenda. It's hard to get my mom hyped up on Tex-Mex because... Well, she was born in Mexico, and knows real Mexican food. Regardless, we enticed her with Margaritas and got her out for lunch.
 E-Bar Tex-Mex is a small little restaurant on Haskell in Dallas. Seriously, if you blink you may miss it! Regardless of its size, the numerous glowing reviews on Yelp had us hooked! 
My mom doesn't make too many appearances on the blog because she hates pictures.... But she looks pretty darn cute here! (Hi Mom!)
We all started off our Cinco de Mayo lunch the way it should be started... With a margarita! Mom and I had frozen while T opted for one on the rocks! While ours were great, Thomas' took the cake. We speculated that it had honey or some other type of liquid sweetener in it, which just made it that much smoother!
We had to wait quite a while for our food to arrive due to a massive party on the patio who ordered RIGHT before us. Our waiter was so sweet to bring us a complimentary quest blanco, which was freaking delicious, for our wait. Seriously, this server was great!
And FINALLY our food arrived!
Mom ordered the fish tacos, blackened, of course! They were dang good! I love love love fish tacos, and clearly I know where that love developed from. This picture doesn't do these tacos justice! Seriously, they were huge!
As always, I ordered the tortilla soup. It was delicious! It has tons of veggies, which, as I've said a million times, is my favorite! It was splendid, and the bowl was massive which made sharing a must!
Thomas chose their sour cream enchiladas. Nothing we haven't had before, but definitely not bad, in any way! He loved them!
With so many Tex-Mex places in Dallas, it's easy to get lost in Tex-Mex heaven. With the great service, reasonable prices, and good food, E-Bar will be one of our top Tex-Mex choices in D-Town from here on out!


  1. I understand the feeling. My boyfriend's mom was born in Mexico as well. Getting her to go to a Mexican restaurant is tough since she makes yummier food anyway. :]

    // ▲ itsCarmen.com ▲

  2. That food looks DELICIOUS! My stepmom is from Mexico, and when I got to go with her to visit family there, I was spoiled with such amazing food! This restaurant sounds amazing!

    XX, SS || A Little Seersucker Sass