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Holy cow. The last 10 days of my life have been 0-60 in 2.5. Okay maybe not that intense, but still, pretty darn crazy. Between assignments due, papers to be written, work to be worked and life to be had, I've neglected quite a few things, including the blog! Here's a recap of just what I have actually been doing the last week or so.

Last weekend:
Thomas and I bought a grill! A freaking awesome one at that. This was certainly a process because I am a tight wad when it comes to the budget, and Thomas always wants the best stuff. We spent more than we wanted to, but we love love love our grill! Crossing that one off our wish list! We are so excited to have friends over and grill out. But in the meantime, I'll enjoy taking selfies with it!
We also celebrated my sister's 13th birthday last weekend. I could have sworn she was still 7 years old, without an attitude.. But, uh guess not. I was so happy to help host her Backyard BBQ Birthday Party! It was so much fun!
This past week:
Thomas and I have really taken a liking to tennis! We've played almost every day since picking it up. It's such a fun way to exercise and we're both pretty good at it! We both grew up athletes, and since abandoning our sports we haven't been very athletic in our day to day lives. Along with tennis, we're both continuing on with our resolutions of a healthier lifestyle, and I love it!
End of Week: I actually squeezed in time for a pedicure. I hadn't had one since my birthday... In January... Ew. It was squeed in between a 3 hour tennis session and finishing up a paper, but it got done! It was so nice to relax and just have a little "me" time. And it was quite necessary since sandal season if officially upon us!
We made the mistaking of taking Sophie to the tennis courts with us. If you didn't know, much like us, the tennis courts are coated with non skid surfacing... Which is not good for your dogs pads on their feet. Soph ended up with all 4 paws needing to be wrapped and disinfected due to bleeding and tearing of her pads! Talk about feeling like the worst dog mom in the world!
Easter Weekend: I ended up with a long weekend, which consisted of lots of family time. Friday my mom and I went to one of our favorite spots for breakfast, and then spent the morning outside working out. Saturday, we hit up the farmers market, which was awesome, played a little tennis finished up Easter shopping and actually get the grocery shopping done!
Easter Sunday: We went a little nontraditional this year. No church service, but breakfast and Fast 7 with the family. Growing up, we all went to church... Every single Sunday. I grew up going to Catholic school, so I had church at least 3 days a week. I think my sister said it best "I don't need church every single Sunday to know God and know what he has done." Wise words of a 13 year old.
Last year, Thomas blew me out of the water with my Easter present....
Seriously, he's the best at gift giving! This year, I scaled it back a little, but I surprised him a little with some new workout shorts and candies!
Thomas and I ended the holiday with a little more unconventionalness... We had hibachi for dinner. And it might have been the best Hibachi we have ever had! You bet they got a glowing Yelp! review from me!

I am enjoying knowing that this week will be just a tad less hectic! What has been keeping you busy lately?

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