Dining in Dallas {Link-Up}

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It's no secret that Thomas and I love going out and finding some of the most awesome restaurants. We really love going out. Although we haven't been to every restaurant in Dallas, we have definitely found some gems in this great city of ours! Check out all the spots we just can't live without!

7. Ramen Hakata- $-$$
Although new, it is mighty. It's tucked away on the outskirts of Addison, in a fairly small building, but don't let its size fool you. Their ramen is that of none I have ever tasted. All of their portions are a good size. I'd highly recommend starting off with the Chashu Buns (pictured below), and any of the ramen dishes. Definitely a must try, especially if you have never had real ramen before!

 6. Crossroads Diner- $
This place is great. I mean really great. Located in the heart of Dallas, this cozy diner offers breakfast, lunch and dinner. Their breakfast is the bomb.... Literally. No meal is started in a better way than with a sticky bun that's larger than your head. Topped with chopped nuts, and mounds of gooey cinnamon and sugar, this sticky bun is perfect for a family of four to start out breakfast! I highly recommend their eggs Benedict as well. It's my go-to meal there, and they even offer a smaller portion of eggs b just in case you ate a little too much of the sticky bun. Get there early on the weekends, the massive restaurant fills up fast, and the wait is always long!
 5. The Rustic- $-$$
This place is not only a restaurant, but a backyard bar, concert venue, and downright awesome place. I can't say we have ever had anything bad here! It's spectacular. Their Rustic Burger is divine. It's topped with green chilies, cheese, and plenty of other goodness. Their wait staff (on non concert nights) is super awesome! If you're in the mood for a sweet cocktail, order a "Bobby Ray," their mixologists definitely knew what they were doing when they created that one! For dessert, there is nothing better than their banana pudding. Just take one look, and you'll be more than in love! Have I mentioned their margaritas? You know, the ones with the sangria popsicles stuck in them? Don't leave without ordering one... You'll regret it.

4. Mash'd-  $$
This restaurant is nestled on the edge of Frisco, just down from the all mighty Ikea. We were a little skeptical our first time in, considering it was our first time in... We have yet to be disappointed. To start, they have roughly 50 different kinds of moonshine-YUM! I highly recommend a "Pineapple Bomb," which is vanilla infused pineapple moonshine, all served in a mason jar, it's like drinking candy. Being a totally Mexican food junkie, I expected their guacamole to be iffy, but if you even remotely enjoy the avocado-goodness, you must try their pineapple-bacon guac! It will be the best guac you have ever had! The Mash'd burger is incredible. It has the richest flavor and it is in a league all of its own! It is paired with their shoe string fries and house made ketchup! You won't go wrong with anything you order here!
3. The Porch- $$
I wish I knew where to start. Their food is delicious. Their grilled cheese is one from the gods, seriously. Hot day? Grilled Cheese. Cold day? Grilled Cheese. It's just that good! But their real specialty is their Butter Cake. It is exactly what it says it is... I'd guess that it has a dozen or so sticks of butter in it, but calories don't count when you're having fun! It's topped with Vanilla Bean ice cream and drizzled with caramel sauce... I just don't know how you can get much better than that. Give it a try.

2. HG Supply Co- $$
Lets start off by saying they have the greatest outdoor seating area in the entire metroplex. Seriously, a rooftop bar? How can you not dig it? Their seating is only the beginning of the greatness. Their staff is pretty cool, but considering that it is in the Lower Greenville area, there is that lovely assumption you are a pretentious SMU grad living on someone else dime. Regardless, this place rocks. They have tons of house made, infused cocktails that are spectacular! The majority of their dishes are made with grass fed, organic, whole grain type ingredients. Delicious and not super shitty for you? Heck yeah! Give this place a shot Friday-Sunday so you are able to check out the awesome views on their rooftop patio, but don't forget to make a reservation. 

1. Neighborhood Services (Addison)- $$-$$$
Where do I start? First, this is not the original location. The OG is in Preston Hollow. While that one is pretty much the bomb, it has a totally different vibe than the newer Addison location. Much like the original location, this little gem is tucked away in one of the hottest restaurant areas in Addison. From the moment you walk in and are greeted by the always friendly hostess', you feel at home. The GM, Austin, is always around to make sure everyone is enjoying everything- but really, it's hard not to enjoy every single thing about this place. The bartenders are very knowledgeable, and are always willing to make you whatever it is you're feelin' that day, and if they aren't, Ivan, the bar manager will blow you away with any drink he creates for you. As for the menu items, I can not just pick one. Really. Everything here is my favorite. There are no bad meals, no bland appetizers, and no boring displays. I kid you not, everything is amazing. Although their menu has varied ever so slightly with the change of the seasons, there is such a great variety of menu items to choose from. Their desserts really take the cake (pun totally intended). Although it's not a list a mile long, the 3-5 desserts they offer will truly top your meal off perfectly. If you're in the mood for the some of the greatest food you have ever tasted, give NHS-Addison a try!
Fried Quail & Tuna Tartare
Colossal Chicken Fried Steak (dinner
Divine Mac & Cheese 
NicRib Tacos (lunch menu)

Chicken Sandwich (Lunch Menu)
Coconut Cream Pie (All day)
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  1. There is a place in the Stockyards I went to last year called The Love Shack (they have other locations, I can't remember where off the top of my head). This places has one of the best burgers I have ever had!

    1. I'll have to look in to that! I'm always down for a great burger!

  2. I might just fly on right over to Dallas so that I can eat at Ramen Hakata - looks amazing! I love all of your pictures and especially your title photo with the map of Dallas! Thanks again for putting this amazing link-up together and I look forward to following you! If you're ever in San Francisco, head on over to my post for food recs! for xx Lisa

    1. Thanks Lisa! I know where to look for dining recommendations when I'm in San Francisco!

  3. This makes me really hungry! Can't wait to visit and try these out!

  4. Love posts like this!
    I live in Houston and my boyfriend and I are determined to try as many new restaurants as possible.

    xoxo, Jenny || Breakfast at Lillys

    1. My boyfriend and I are the same way! I'm going to start a new segment about trying new restaurants very soon!

      Do you follow Calee @ https://becomingoconnell.wordpress.com? She was part of this link-up and wrote about her favorite spots in Houston!

  5. everything looks delicious!! this post made me hungry, if i go to dallas some day i'm totally going to some of those places love the burger fro "the rustic"

    The Color Palette

  6. Everything looks so yummy! I've never been to Dallas, but if I ever go I'm definitely going to have to try these places out!

    Pick Your Beau

  7. This looks so yummy! You always have the best food posts :)

    XX, SS || A Little Seersucker Sass

    1. Thanks! Dallas has such a good variety of places to eat at, its hard not to have good food posts!

  8. Thanks SO much for creating this link-up and letting me participate! Your post is awesome. Unfortunately, I've never been to Texas or even near it, but if I ever end up there, I'll be sure to refer back to your list when looking for where to eat!


  9. So many link-ups! Love it!

    And this looks SO good! Yum!!
    Lauren Ashley

  10. Mash'd looks so cute! I want to go there!
    I am so jealous that you live in Dallas. I am a huge fan of the Dallas Stars hockey team but I live in Indiana!

    1. We aren't huge hockey fans, but I love a hardcore hockey game! If you ever make it down this way, you'll have to check out some of these awesome restaurants!

  11. Ummm that ramen place sounds AMAZING!! I love Asian food. If I ever visit Dallas (which I so hope to someday!), I know I will re-visit this blog post!! ;-)

    xoxo A

    1. I LOVE Asian food! I have so many favorite Asian spots in Dallas!

      Dallas is awesome- you should definitely visit sometime!

  12. Dallas is just a skip, hop and a jump across the border, and I love going to visit. I've never been to any of these places though! I would really love to try that Ramen place, and I love burgers! All of the ones you have pictured here look and sound so good!

  13. Yum! I especially would love to try that macaroni and cheese. I've only been to Dallas' airport on a layover and haven't actually seen the city, so I clearly need to get there some time!

  14. I was not at all hungry...and then I read this post O.o I want it alllllllllll. If I ever get to Dallas I am so checking these places out!

  15. Oh my gosh, this all looks so good and now I'm so hungry! That mac & cheese looks to die for!