Dallas Does Margaritas!

Happy Monday! We all know the best cure to the Monday blues is a good margarita!
Now, I wouldn't consider myself an expert on margaritas, but I've certainly tasted my fair share of margaritas, and the majority of them have been in some of my favorite restaurants in the Big D! Before checking out my fav margarita spots, check out my favorite Mexican Restaurants in this great state!
There are so many Tex-Mex/Mexican/South American restaurants, in and around Dallas. You'd think it'd be easy to find the best margaritas possible... It's not. But the ones on my list were worth the hunt.

The Rustic (you can read about our first trip to The Rustic HERE)
When you looking for an easy going afternoon, The Rustic is the place to go. When you're looking for a fun margarita that has a popsicle stuck in it, this is the place to go! Sangria popsicles stuck in a margarita... Let that sink in (pun totally intended), because these things are dang good!
Nico's (Carrollton)
This is a total hidden gem. Maybe a bit less than a gem, but it's a great semi hole in the wall place. Did I mention they have about 50 various flavors of margaritas? Yes, it's perfect, and they're cheap!
Mi Cocina
Well, well, well... While this little one may not be the normal idea of a margarita, being a swirl, Mi Cocina's Mambo Taxi is not one to be skipped. It's rumored to have Everclear and a few other secret ingredients. Just remember, the majority of Mi Cocina's will only allow you to purchase two... Get an Uber, because one is enough for even The Hulk.
Neighborhood Services (Addison location)
So this is kinda a no brainer. NHS is my favorite restaurant. Ever. They have the best service, which includes their incredible bartenders and their ingenious Bar Manager/Crazy awesome drink inventor, Ivan. He introduced us to the Caipirinha, The National Drink of Brazil, which is sort of a margarita and sort of a mojito. If you haven't had one, you're missing out. It's almost to perfect.
When I think of cheap margaritas at happy hour (and free queso too), I think of Chuy's. $4 for a decent size margarita(between 5-7)? I can dig it. Their Prickly Pear is my favorite, and you really can't beat the price at happy hour along with the freebies they offer!
Although pricey compared to other options, Gloria's margaritas are easily some of the strongest, but best I've had. Their mango marg is pretty dang delectable.
Baja Grill
This one takes the cake. The first time I had one, okay it was really less than half of one, I thought I was getting dizzy, which is always what happens before a migraine comes on... Until I realized I was in the midst of a hard buzz. OFF OF HALF OF A MARGARITA! Take a look around this restaurant on any given day... Every. Single. Person. has a margarita... as Thomas says, "It's like a margarita cult." And until a fellow nanny mentioned that she was "one and done" with their margs, I thought I was just your typical light weight. I kid you not, try one of these, and you will see!

I'm always up for new places to sip a marg on a sunny day- where's your favorite margarita place?
It's 5 o'clock somewhere!


  1. I love margs, too! They're probably my favorite drink. I'll be in Dallas in May, maybe I can check out one of these recommendations! Have a great week!
    xo, claudia

  2. Gosh girl this post makes me sad I'm not 21 yet! ;-) Haha. I am certainly looking forward to being legal later this year and being able to go out for drinks sometimes with friends!

    xoxo A

  3. I don't drink margaritas, but I still really enjoyed this post! Hope you're having a great Monday, dear!

    XX, SS || A Little Seersucker Sass

  4. OBSESSED with margs. There is nothing better than meeting up with some girlfriends after a long day and having some chips and margs. These places all look fantastic and I want to make my way to Dallas now! Enjoy a marg for me since I had this [silly, crazy, stupid] idea to not drink for 30 days.
    xx. Brittany
    Life Like a Twenty Something

  5. Okay first of all, small world! I am a hostess at NHS in Addison!! I love Ivan <3 And second of all, great list! I consider myself a margartia expert and these are all super great. I love the margaritas from La Ventana too. Super strong and super cheap and delicious! THE perfect combo!

    Progression By Design

    1. What a smal world! We are in there almost every week- if not twice every week! I'll be sure to introduce myself next time I see you!
      I'm going to have to check out La Ventana, thanks for the recommendation!

  6. I just posted a margarita recipe on the blog! Yum!

    Lauren Elizabeth
    Petite in Pearls

  7. Welp, I'm bookmarking this for when I travel to Dallas...undoubtedly NEED to try each place!!