April Excitement!

In case you didn't realize... Monday was one of the biggest holidays of the year, at least in my life.
That should sum it all up. While it may not be a Hallmark holiday or a national holiday, it is most certainly a holiday in my book!
With opening day comes 162 games for my Texas Rangers. That's a lot of opportunities to watch a game!
We've been to opening day, last day of the regular season, last day of the playoffs, home games, away games, games on birthdays, games when I was blonde (YIKES), games on other holidays, wild card games, cold games, hot games, we've even been when there was no game, and spent our night dancing on the field to some awesome Texas Country bands... I think you get the picture. We always go to games.
I can't wait to make a ton of new memories at The Ballpark this April, and beyond!

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