Weekly TV Roundup

The past few years I've been on the go so much, I never really sat down to watch a TV show from start to finish. I'm happy to say that my life isn't quite as hectic now, and I actually have a weekly TV routine!
Sunday- Secrets and Lies! HOLY COW! Ryan Phillippe makes this show uh-mazing. The constant twists, turns, and new lies keeps me on the edge of my seat through the entire episode! Catch it on ABC Sunday nights!
Tuesday- Reserved for my ship lap obsessed, Texas lovin', Waco dwelling couple Chip & Joanna Gaines on Fixer Upper! They're always turning not so great houses in to amazing dream homes!
Tuesday(#2)- Pretty Little Liars, duh. I've been so deep in to this show since the very first episode. It may be the high school girl still left in me, but I am still so very addicted to this crazy, oh so unbelievable story. Who really is A?
Wednesday- EMPIRE! If you aren't watching Empire, what are you doing with your Wednesday nights? Empire has something to offer for everyone. It's crazy. Every single minute. So sad that the season finale is this week (insert crying emoji) but I know there will be many more seasons to come!
Thursday- This is the newest addition to our TV lineup. It's title couldn't be anymore fitting. It's only on episode #2, so you still have time to catch up! These episodes are chalked full of crazy plot lines and people from many different walks of life all intertwined.

Do you have any shows you just love? I'm always looking for a new thriller!


  1. I love Pretty Little Liars & Secrets and Lies!



  2. I adore Pretty Little Liars!!! So excited for the latest season to be released in South Africa - also obsessed :)
    Haven't seen the others (yet) though! :)