That's What I Love About Sunday

Take it away Craig Morgan..... If you have no idea what I'm talking about, you should probably look it up. I really do love Sundays. It's the one day neither Thomas nor I have work, school, or really anything else that's "scheduled." Although brunch technically isn't scheduled, we all know it's a must.
I am loving my makeup lately. My BFF gave me a ton of Benefit makeup to try for my b-day! Check out my Review HERE!
We had brunch with Thomas' family this morning at one of our favorite spots, Crossroads Diner! Their food is delicious!
This pile of heavenly goodness is a sticky bun, their specialty! We always order at least two for the 9 of us, they are easily the best thing on their menu!
I normally go for the 1/2 order of eggs Benedict, and lover boy changes it up each time, today he had a caramel apple waffle- it was YUM!
 After brunch, we made a pit stop at Tiffany's. I needed to drop off my bracelet and latest charm that Thomas got me for my birthday (read about that HERE). I also set up engraving for my puppy charm he got me for Christmas, as well as deciding which piece I want next browsing their magnificent collections. 
I hope everyone enjoys the Super Bowl this afternoon, as for me, I'm more excited to see all of the commercials and hilarious memes that are to follow!

Just in case you didn't quite understand my post title, here the song it stems from.

Have a great Sunday y'all!


  1. I absolutely love puffer vests! They are definitely an essential for winter.


    1. They're so great! I have one in every essential color!