Kitchen Wish List

I love being in the kitchen. I mean, I really love being in the kitchen. Last year, when Thomas and I moved in together, my grandma really hooked us up when it came to kitchen appliances and accessories. Although she gave us everything we needed, there are still a few things I can't live without would love to have!

Glass Measuring Cups 

Can you ever have to many of these? I have one, and a ton of the small 1/4,1/3, and 1/2 cup measuring utensils, but I always find myself needing and extra one or two when I'm cooking a more complex meal!
Garlic Press
I cook with a decent amount of garlic and find myself slicing it into the tiniest of pieces with a knife for certain meals, which then leads to my hands reeking of garlic for hours. Clearly, I'm in desperate need of one of these!
Wooden Cutting Board
I have quite a few cutting boards, acrylic, plastic, glass, but no wooden ones. I feel as though these offer the easiest clean up, and don't show as much wear as other ones.
Automatic Salt & Pepper Mill Grinder
I know, I know... It seems a little, uh, frivolous, but these are freaking amazing. The ones I really want (pictured above) are no where to be found on any website! I love cooking with ground sea salt and freshly ground pepper, or just adding a little of either to top a meal off. I'd absolutely die over a pair like THIS or THIS. I may be a little partial to the ones with the light, but hey, go big or go home!
Food Processor
I've had my eye on the Cuisinart Prep 9 - 9-Cup Food Processor for quite a while! I keep telling myself I don't need one, but when a recipe calls for items to be thrown in the food processor I want to kick myself for not getting one. Maybe one day soon....

What items have you been eyeing for your kitchen?

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  1. This list is so accurate of literally everything I'd want to! I've never tried the garlic press contraption and would love to!! I can never have enough wooden chopping boards either!!!
    I think my biggest thing right now would be a non-stick frying pan though. One of those really good, astronomically expensive ones! Hahaha I really need some better quality pans to cook with :)
    Oh and a whistle kettle.. because I love them and can never have enough of them either!