Giving Benefit a Chance {Makeup Review}

It's no secret, I am no makeup connoisseur, so when I opened my birthday present from my BFF, I was so excited to see a ton of new makeup products for me to try out! There was also a dozen mini alcohol bottles, but we won't talk about those. I was so intimidated by all the new makeup I shoved it in a drawer, and didn't touch any of it for almost a month!
After some time had passed, a watched a few YouTube videos on each of the products and decided it was time to give them a try. I normally stuck to my primer, foundation/powder and mascara and eyeliner, but these products have really opened my eyes to even more awesome makeup!
I'll start with The Porefessional. I almost always use my Mary Kay primer, which I thought was the greatest thing ever... Until I used this. It has a very slight creme tint, but still has the normal pearl like feel of a primer. I feel as though the tint helps to cover even more. My pores seemed to vanish once applied. I will definitely be buying a lot more of this!

After the primer I added the High beam just atop my cheek bone and around my outer eye. It gave me a big of extra shine, but I wasn't overly impressed with this.

Next, I applied the Benetint by dabbing three drops on each of my cheeks. The wand is somewhat of a nail polish applicator type thing, which I had never seen or used before. You have to rub it in quickly, as it dries fast. It does not put off an overbearing color as I thought it would. In addition to using it on my cheeks, I also used it on my lips. It gave me a great color. I love this product!

Once the Benetint had set, I added just a smidgen of Posietint to my cheeks. This product, much like the Benetint, came from a want type applicator. It was more of a gel like liquid, so I could see it better and it did not dry nearly as fast as the Benetint, which made it easier to work with! I also added it to the center and inner edge of my bottom lip, which really helped them pop.

As for the BADgal lash Mascara, I'm not sure how I feel about this mascara. I have used so many great mascaras, and this one just seemed average. It didn't make my lashes look fuller, but it did make them seems longer. I'm going to continue to use this mascara and see how it works for me.

I still applied my normal mineral powder over these products, but they were all still very visible and looked great! I am really impressed with all of these products and will definitely be buying more of these products!
I'd love to find more awesome products that I can use every day, let me know your favorites!


  1. I am not a make up pro either but having a bunch of free goodies in gift would be heavenly amazing! I've been wanting to get a beauty blender sponge for a long time now.

    Noor's Place

    1. I really liked the sponge, it's been better than any other sponge-type applicator I've ever used!

  2. I thought I'd LOVE High Beam! My granny got it for me from the UK and I've had it for years ... I had originally seen other people use it and it looked amazing but I don't know.. guess I'm not much of a makeup connoisseur either but I couldn;t get the same glam effect!!

    New follower on GFC, hope you follow back and keep in touch! xxx

    1. Jade, I totally agree. I expected awesome results and it just didn't do it for me! Glad to have you following, thanks for reading!