Las Vegas Cheat Sheet!

Sorry, if you were looking for a cheat sheet on how to win some big money, look elsewhere, because I didn't win squat in Sin City last week (read about what we did do here). While I may not have won a ton of money, I did gain some valuable knowledge about Vegas.

1. Share all meals. Holy heaven. Every single meal must have been made for 3 people. If you can agree on eating the same meal as someone you're dining with, just share it! Most price points are fairly higher than meals would be at home, so sharing is a good option for not only your wallet but your stomach as well.
2. Bring flip flops for walking to and from the club. Bring a clutch that is big enough to fit a small pair (think Old Navy $1 flip-flops)! We all know most heels aren't that comfortable, but they are that cute, just bring some flip flops. It'll help.
3. If something on your map says it's about 1 mile away, it's really like 10 miles away. With all of the pedestrian bridges you have to cross, hotels you have to walk through, and sidewalks you have to navigate, count on it taking at least twice as long as the map says to walk anywhere.
4. No Lyft or Uber. If you're needing quick ground transportation, it's back to good ole Taxi's here in Vegas.
5. If you're able to plan out your route, the bus is your best option for transportation. It's $8 for 24 hours! No taxi ride we took was that cheap.
6. Don't drink at breakfast. No explanation needed.
7. You can drink just about everywhere. So, bring your red cups, buy a bottle of alcohol at Walgreens and enjoy your cheaper pregame.
8. The Venetian is a black hole. Good luck finding your way out, or in for that matter. If you are doing anything inside this hotel, give yourself an extra 45 minutes.
9. If you're looking for your typical, Affliction wearing, indoor sunglasses sporting, obnoxious jerks, go to the Venetian, there's plenty to be found there. 
10. Secret pizza really isn't that secret. Just pay attention. The pizza is more than worth the "hunt."
11. Downtown Vegas (Freemont St.) is great, but it is still a Downtown area. Think old, rundown, lots of homeless people, and older gentlemen. It's a great experience, but I wouldn't want to be there after about 10pm.
12. Try an oxygen bar at least once. It may just fix your hangover!
13. If you aren't there for more than 5 days, don't try and see EVERYTHING. Honestly, between fighting off hangover, and needed the extra sleep for energy, just don't bother trying to see everything.
14. The concierge will probably be the nicest and most helpful people. Seriously, none of the other hotel workers, cocktail staff or restaurant servers were as nice as the people at Aria's concierge.
15. Do a club crawl. Best $30-$70 you will spend. Free drinks, new people, and awesome clubs!
If you're looking to do Vegas on the for real cheap, you can always snag a super cheap AirBnB!


  1. So much useful information!! Now I want to go and blow all of my money!

  2. I've never been to Vegas, but I'll definitely keep these tips in mind if and when I go! I definitely want to try an oxygen bar one day. Sounds like a cool experience.