I Survived my 21st Birthday!

I did it, I survived, and I'm officially 21!
I'm not one to party till the wee hours of the morning, and my 21st birthday definitely reflected that!
My celebration started the night before with a little pampering with my mom and sister. We were all more than happy to be getting our nails done together! 
 After our pampering, my sister and I had dinner at one of my all-time favorite, not so small neighborhood restaurants, Cowboy Chicken... YUM! We celebrated the eve of my birthday with a delicious peach cobbler and ice cream! 
It was definitely a perfect night.
 The following morning was when the real fun started. Thomas woke me up with trail of money leading from our bedroom to the freezer, where my precious cake was! Yes, you read that right, a trail of money! The money was extra spending cash for my upcoming birthday trip with my mom. Thankfully, Thomas knows how in-to birthday celebrations I am, and purchased this super cute ice cream cake, shaped like a bright pink purse. He definitely knows the way to my heart- bags, cake, and pink stuff. Perfection.
 Speaking of Thomas' level of perfections, he ALWAYS  gives the best gifts. Normally he gives me a new Tiffany's charm for my bracelet each Christmas, but this year I got one for my birthday too! He seriously surprised me this year!
 Breakfast at Breadwinners was accompanied by their Breakfast Punch, which was delicious! I am so lucky to have had my amazing family there with my to celebrate! My Aunt gifted me with the cutest white sparkly vest- clearly she knows I'm a best girl.
 Birthday breakfast is never complete unless it's accompanied by cake, right?
After brunch we decided to hit up Main Event for bowling and laser tag. Not to mention, I was the second highest scoring sniper in laser tag. It was pretty awesome!
For dinner, Thomas took me to Ocean Prime.
Berries & Bubbles proved to be all that it was made up to be!
Our meal was perfect, and I really couldn't have asked for any more.

I am so thankful for my family, who made this such an amazing birthday! And I'm so excited to continue the celebration all week long!


  1. Happy Belated Birthday!


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