{DIY} Sugar Scrub

Like all most women, I love a good body scrub for the shower. For the last two Christmas' I've gifted these jars of Lavender body scrub to family and friends. It is so simple to make and always feels and smells so great.

 Ingredients(To fill 8 mason jars):

  • 8 pounds of sugar
  • 22 ounces of coconut oil (depending on how oily you want it- I like mine oily)
  • Scent of your choice
  • Measuring cup
  • Jars for storage
  • Stirring utensil
  • Bow for mixing
  • Cover for your work area
  1. Cover your work surface (Oily spills and sugar make for a hard cleanup)
  2. Pour desired amount of sugar into large mixing bowl 
  3. Heat coconut oil (Microwave works just fine on high for 2 minutes)
   4. Pour coconut oil over sugar and mix generously (It should be 2 parts sugar to one part oil)

    5. Add scent. I use an ounce of scent for every 2 cups of sugar.
    6. Mix scent oil with sugar and oil mixture generously

    7. Add sugar and oil mixture to jars. I created a funnel with paper because it allows for me to decide how large the spout is, with a normal funnel the spout is often too small.
    8. Once filled, cap jars and enjoy!
This batch was given as Christmas presents! With how easy they are to make, I'm keeping this recipe but modifying the scents as the seasons change and making them for many different occasions this year! Enjoy!

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