{DIY} Lighted Pallet Christmas Tree

I recently posted a list of the many Pinterest ideas I found that I was hoping to try out! One of my favorites was the pallet Christmas Tree:
So, I decided to try my hand at it.
My only problem was getting a pallet. I have a tiny little car, so getting a pallet home was going to be a challenge, but the even bigger challenge was finding a pallet (that I didn't have to pay $30 for). I was picking up breakfast one morning, and there, on the side of the building was a pallet! Ask and you shall receive.... Needless to say, the pallet was mine!
My pallet is approximately 4.5ft x 3ft, its also a little beat up, but it's a pallet, who cares?
Now for the fun part!
I first drew an outline of a triangle to resemble a Christmas Tree (DUH?). I wasn't sure if i should put nails in the pallet because I might repurpose this after Christmas, so I opted for thumb tacks. I put one thumb tack at each corner of the tree.
The hardest part was winding the lights around the wood and getting the light strands to stay in place. I ended up adding a few more thumb tacks throughout the interior parts of the tree to better hold the lights in place. I chose to use icicle lights, mostly because I had some leftover from decorating. I think I really liked using the icicles because it made wrapping the strands around the wood fairly easy.
Next, I added a star to the top, which I believe I bought at Dollar Tree a few years ago. Again, I fastened the star with thumb tacks. I have a strong love for those little things!
I hit a small speed bump when I couldn't figure out what to use as my tree stump, fortunately, it didn't take long to pull out my can of spray paint, give a large note card a little spray, and voila!
I snagged some left over green light bulb type ornaments from my moms house and placed them on the tree. I think it turned out pretty darn great!
Overall, this project cost me nothing this year. All of the materials together probably cost left than $15, which makes it even more perfect!



  1. I LOVE THIS! Seriously such a cute idea!!

  2. So, so cute! I made one of these this year, too!