{DIY} Gift Tags!

Every year I search and search for gift tags that don't look cheap, and every year the ones I want are always priced at an outrageous amount. This year, I opted to make my own! It surprised me how easy it really was to make them!

The only materials I needed were red card stock, a chalk marker, letter stencils, hole puncher and scissors.
First measure out the size of tags you want, mine were 3in x 2in.
After cutting the individual rectangles out, snip the corners off of two edges to give it that "tag" type of look.

Next you'll take your stencil the letter of your choice on to the tag. Depending on your stencil size, you'll have to adjust your tag size appropriately.
 Then on the same side that you cut the edges, give it a punch with the hole puncher so you are able to thread whatever ribbon type material to fasten it to the present.

Once I became comfortable cutting and tracing letters I began making tags in all different sizes with all different letters!

After adding a bit of tulle and tying it in a bow, the tags fit perfectly!
These tags are almost too easy not to make! I definitely plan to use different colors of yardstick and make tags fore every occasion!


  1. These are adorable, easy to make and they look so classy! Great idea girly! :)

    1. Thank you! They were just too easy NOT to do!