Pinterest planning!

Long gone are the days of coming up with cool ideas on your own, and why would you bother when Pinterest is only a few mouse clicks away? Here's a few of my upcoming crafts that I've borrowed from the wonderful world of Pinterest.
None of these images are mine- all are borrowed from Pinterest
I found a pallet recently, managed to jam it into the back of my tiny 2 door car, and brought it home. In the next few days, I plan to transform it from a bland old slab of wood, to this!
Tomato cage Christmas Trees! OMG! Such an awesome-cheap idea! Tomato cages are about $3 a piece, and the nice guys at Home Depot are always happy to help me find stuff! I can't wait to get started on this one, maybe I'll add some lights or garland to each one!
So I'll admit, I've been working on this one for a while, I bought the wood a few weeks ago, painted and distressed it. After a few tries with some homemade stencils, I am almost finished with it. Hopefully I'll have it done and have a tutorial up on how I did it all very soon!
Ive really gotten in to these Christmas word/tree things things year. I've seen a few at some various stores, but I want to try my hand making one! Taking this craft on tonight and hoping for the best!
I have 1/2 a million mason jars sitting in my storage closet from the last time they were on sale, this craft will be perfect to do with my girls. And who doesn't love Olaf?
Last, but not least is this. I found some strands of gold beads and of course I have many Styrofoam cones laying in my craft bins. I think I'll spray paint or maybe distress the beads a bit, and hope for the best!

I'm hot on the trail for tons and tons of Christmas crafts right now, so if you have any suggestions for ones I haven't mention, I want to hear about them!
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  1. Absolutely LOVE those Tomato cage Christmas Trees! I have been wanting some to put outside my apt (and for future house) but the cheapest I can find is $40 and I just can't justify spending that on those, even though they are adorable. I am going to HAVE to try this!! I even have leftover garland from a failed tacky Christmas outfit ;)

    1. Home Depot and Lowes have them for super cheap! I ran in to that issue as well, but I had don't my research and KNEW they had some for really cheap! Good luck on making one!