A Day in Canton!

As many Texans know, First Monday Trade Days in Canton is possibly one of the greatest aspects in Texas. The first weekend of each month, the massive flea market/marketplace opens up and fills with thousands of people. I've been one of those thousands of people since before I could walk! I'm sure, somewhere, my mom has tons of pictures of me, sitting in my little red wagon along with all of the stuff we'd find that weekend. I have some really awesome memories from my childhood in Canton. And this Saturday, for the first time in probably 12 years, my mom and I went back together.
 Thomas couldn't join us on Saturday, so he left me this sweet note the night before, along with some extra spending money! I am definitely a lucky girl!
Isn't my mom cute? She was on the hunt for a sweater for my sister's pup- a Teacup Pomeranian, who only weight 4lbs! She definitely needs that sweater for the chilly mornings ahead!
 If there is one thing in the world my mom can't pass up, its Kettle Corn! We grabbed the extra large bag!
 As anyone who goes to Canton does, we stopped to take a peak at the puppies! My oh my, this one did a number on my heart. My mom ALMOST got her, mainly because Thomas told me no, and he and I both know we don't have the room or time for another dog, much less a puppy! I gave her one last hug, and put her back in her pen *sigh*

Soooo, my main goal of this entire trip, was to 1-get some Christmas shopping done, and 2-to find a reclaimed window. And both goals were accomplished. I kept striking out when it came to the windows, one pane would be broken, one would be really overpriced, and so on and so forth, but FINALLY, just as I was about to give up, I found it! A reclaimed window shadow box! JACKPOT!
Now, Canton isn't exactly the easiest place to navigate, and parking is... well, just awful. The booth that I purchased the shadow box was about two miles from where we were parked, and considering the traffic, I was NOT going to drive my car to pick it up. So I carried it, and carried it some more, and continued carrying it... All 30lbs of it!  
 Overall, our day in Canton was a total success! I got some awesome leggings, tons of bows for the girls, cheap deco mesh, and some awesome decor items for my apartment! All of it for UNDER $100- that's what I'm talking about!
After a long day away, My Saturday night was filled with lots of cuddles with my pup!

Have a great first week of November Y'all!

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