{20} Things No One Tells You When You Turn {20}

When I turned 20, more like when I turned 18, I really I had no idea what I was doing at this whole adult thing. My mother was never the "I'll do everything, teach you everything, and show you every secret" kind of mom, and I can not thank her enough. Here's 20 things I wish someone would have told me when I first turned 20

20. You WILL be made fun of for being 20. Luckily, from the day you turn 20, until the day you turn 21 is only 365 days, yay!

19. Your friends who have been in relationships a fraction of the time you and your man have, WILL get engaged, and WILL get married. Don't be bitter, bide your time.

18. Any friend that is even a day older than you will make fun of you for not being 21. Get used to it, and get over it.

17. Some of your friends will STILL be so dependent on their parents it's almost gross, and some will realize that shit has to go, step up to the plate and be dependent only on themselves... The latter are the ones you should really consider surrounding yourself with.

16. At one point or another, you will feel so overwhelmed, you will want to quit everything, crawl in bed and lay there forever.

15. You WILL consider dropping out of school, at least once, and If you don't, you aren't studying hard enough!

14. Social media is NOT your friend. Actually it's your enemy.

13. Some of your friends will become 21st century hippies. I'm talking non-GMO, vegan, paleo diet-loving people. And that's okay, because in no way is it "bad," but chances are, they probably won't last very long living like this, but they will most definitely try and get you to sip their Kool-Aid. But, don't worry, they'll be back at Whataburger & ChickFilA in no time.

12. A vast majority of your friends are or will be pregnant. Despite all of their cute baby clothes, and fun baby showers, you will get a little bit of baby fever. Like all fevers, this one will pass!

11. If you find something cute and it's in your size, buy it. You willl regret it later if you don't!

10. Call your mom, every single day.

9. Speaking of good 'ole mom, this is the year you'll realize (if you haven't already) that she is the greatest/smartest/most reliable person in your life.

8. If you're not happy at your job, leave. Few things are as stressful and day-ruining as being at a job you can't stand.

7. If you don't have a hobby, find one! It will add more happiness than you'll be able to realize.

6. Don't worry about what all of your friends are doing. Your time will come, for a new car, awesome job, or perfect vacation. Stop trying to Keep up with the Jones'!

5. Buying yourself flowers will make you a lot happier than buying yourself chocolate.

4. Pay attention to whats going on in the world and educate yourself on the issues at hand. Nothing is more embarrassing than being asked about a wold issue that you know absolutely nothing about.

3. Start saving now. And don't stop.

2. Get a credit card, and pay it off every month. You'll see the benefit faster than you ever thought possible.

1. Financial stability and scholastic success will provide you with the must fulfilling feeling at this time of your life.

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