Weekend Recap {Concerts Galore}

After a couple of long, loooong weeks of work, school and more work, Thomas and I finally had a "weekend." And by "weekend" I mean one where he wasn't working the usual Friday/ Saturday with me working a Friday night. I mean we had an ENTIRE weekend, Friday-Sunday OFF! For some, this is normal, but for Thomas and I, who are both working to pay for school (with no loans, Wooo!) and everything else, we rarely actually take days off. 
When we saw Tim McGraw a few months ago, Kip Moore was the opener and mentioned he would be at Billy Bobs in October! Well, Thomas wasted no time, as we were standing, sweating immensely in the the pit, he ordered our tickets. 
Flashback to August: Thomas rocks at getting us good tickets.... We had PIT PASSES for Kip Moore & Tim McGraw
And that was that. After waiting over two months, the time finally came.

Kip was so personable at the VIP event, it made us love him even more! 
 After the VIP event, there was a few hours before he actually went on at Billy Bobs, so we grabbed some dinner and patiently awaited his performance
Billy Bobs is such a crazy venue, it blows my mind every time we go in there!
Kip seriously rocked it on Friday night! Cant wait till he's back in DFW again! 
Once the show was over, we retreated to the car, got on the road, grabbed our pup from my moms, and hit the sheets! We were exhausted!
Saturday morning rolled around, which meant college football, to be more specific, Longhorn football! Thomas indulged in that and I ran a few Saturday morning errands.
Once football was over, errands were ran, a few short naps were had and showers were taken, we were ready for our next adventure!
We headed down to one of our favorite spots, THE RUSTIC! Our first experience at The Rustic was seeing Brett Eldredge, and we have been hooked ever since!
My favorite part of The Rustic is when they give me the giant X on my hands... Yeah right. Less than 3 months till the X's are gone forever!
If you've never been to The Rustic, you must try The Rustic Burger. Its brisket and cheese and poblano peppers and amazing sauce, ALL on a burger. I probably clogged an artery or 5, but I really can't pass this up, its THAT good!
Thomas had the pork chop, which was INCREDIBLE! Seriously, I don't think we have ever had anything bad at The Rustic!
And last, but certainly not least, their banana pudding. Holy wow. I don't really need to say anything, I think this picture does it for me!
Finally, after catching some more football on the million TV screens at The Rustic, we were ready to head to the Concert.
This concert was stacked from the opener to the main act. Tyler Farr was the opener, Florida Georgia Line was the 2nd main act, and Jason Aldean was the Headliner. I don't even think stacked is a good enough word for those three.
We sat on the Lawn (mainly because pit passes were upwards of $2,000) .. Which was something we had never done, and will never do again. We were surrounded by CHILDREN who were under the age of 5, and crazy drunks. Needless to say, there was a lot of people watching going on.
I really can't say I have ever seen it this packed!

I may have just a small crush on the guys of Florida Georgia Line. Sorry T.
I have to be honest... When this song came on, Jason said "Y'all, welcome Mrs. Kelly Clarkson"... Her picture came up on the screen, making it seem as though she was really there. I almost started crying because Kelly has, and always will be my favorite artist.... And then I realized it was a recording of her singing it. And just like that, I was heartbroken, sorta ;)
His finale was spectacular!
 The concert itself was amazing! Minus having a migraine the entire time, I loved it! I was even more excited when the next day I heard that Jason Aldean AND Kenny Chesney were going to be doing shows together in 2015! And the Dallas date is around the same time as our next anniversary! SCORE!
It was more than amazing to have a weekend where Thomas and I could do normal-weekend couples stuff. You don't realize how awesome it is to be able to go out with your man on the weekends until you never get to do it!

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