Thirfty Thursday Finds {Christmas Edition}

I know, I know.... It's still fall, but I just can't help myself when it comes to holiday decor! After a recent trip to my favorite resale store (CCA in Carrollton) I really couldn't help myself!
  I have a slight obsession with urns this year! I scored this one for $5.49. It's about two feet tall. I plan to paint it and use it on our "porch" for some super cute Christmas decor.
Can you ever have enough ribbon? I stocked up on wrapping paper last year when it all went on sale at Hobby Lobby, and I know this ribbon will go perfectly, and for $1.99, who's complaining?
 I must admit, I have an unhealthy obsession with pine cones. Thankfully, pinterest has given me quite a few new ways to use my pine cones. These seemed as though they had never been opened and still had the original tag from Crate & Barrel on them, SCORE! I can't wait to bring them all out during The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year!  (See what I did there ;))
Oh beautiful Christmas swag. I really wanted to make a fall swag for our door, but I somehow ended up with a wreath. I scored this little cutie for $5.49. I have plans to rip almost all of the stuff off of this and add some super cute Christmas picks and some ribbon.
Annnnnnd here are those cute little picks I mentioned. Scored this at Micheal's for 40% with an additional 30% off (my entire purchase). Really, how can you beat that? I also grabbed the socks and Believe sign for 2/$1, and 30% off of that... 70 CENTS! SCORE!
Oh sweet reindeer. I have always wanted one of these for Christmas. I want to kick myself for not getting more, but maybe Michael's will come out with a few more before the season gets here. This little guy was $12.99, but Christmas crafts were 30% off, and again, I used my 30% off your entire purchase, which brought it all down to about $6.35! LOVE IT! Now I just need to figure out how I am going to decorate this little guy.
In addition to all of my super cute Thrifty Thursday Christmas Finds, I have two giant tubs filled with all of my Christmas decor that I scored when it all went on sale last year.
Where do you go to get the best deals on stuff?

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