The Greatest Rivalry in College Football {Texas/OU}

With October comes many things.... Pumpkin patches, pumpkin spice lattes and of course the greatest rivalry in all of College football.... The Red River Showdown/shootout/whatever you called it in your day.
As every good morning in Texas should, we started it off with Whataburger. Taquitos and OJ, as close to perfection as you can get at 6am!
This being my second year to join Thomas, I had an archive of pictures that I knew I needed to replicate for this year, this being one of them!
Sea of burnt orange... Only kidding, the Sooners were out in full force Saturday morning! We were quite outnumbered.
Not sure if I forgot where the camera was or if I was just too tired to care, not sure what the heck I was looking at. Did I mention we had to get up at 6am?

 Thomas came in hot with our awesome seats! Row 4 in the end zone. Seriously the most perfect seats!
We sat right behind Bevo the entire game, which provided for some interesting moments as he was not a happy camper for the majority of the first quarter!

At halftime, a good friend of mine who works for ESPN was able to get us down on to the field. UH... Can you say AWESOME!
Seriously, it was an awesome experience, and I can't thank him enough.
This guy's face was the icing on the cake^
Thomas was so focused, I don't think he looked at me once when I was videoing!
Although our longhorns weren't able to pull off the W, it was an amazing game! Texas outdid OU in just about everything... except scoring. It was so funny after the game to hear all of the OU fans talking about how Texas technically beat them. It really was a crazy game! Coach Strong is definitely building an army!
I hope everyone enjoyed their Saturday College Football Games, I know I did!

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