Austin Getaway

As we all know, Labor day is normally the last long weekend of the summer where everyone who is anyone is looking for something fun to do... Long before we realized that this weekend was Labor Day weekend, Thomas and I planed a mini trip to Austin to catch the UT/UNT game with a little bit of extras thrown in. 
Like every trip, this one started out by taking our sweet fur baby to my moms! Sophie has clearly passed up the weight limit on riding in the front seat, She now turns on the "fasten passenger seat belt" indicator on my nav screen... every single time!
We dropped her off at my moms house, where Soph is far too comfortable, and knew we had nothing to worry about!
 Thomas and I made our way down to our favorite city in no time at all! We checked in to our AirBnB home and rested for a bit before heading off to our first adventure of the weekend. If you've never stayed at an AirBnB, or never heard about them, they are private homes or sometimes rooms in peoples' houses that are rented out, often at extremely low prices, and always cheaper than hotel! They are located around the world, so no matter where you're traveling, there's almost always going to be an AirBnB around. This was our second AirBnB experience, and I really can't say enough about how awesome it was. Click HERE to get a $25 credit for your first stay through AirBnB.

First on our agenda was a Kyle Park concert at River Road Ice House. We paid extra for VIP area and  were quite disappointed in just about everything. It was a super laid back venue, and I guess Kyle Park thought he could be laid back too. Long story short, the concert sucked, we drove an hour for nothing, and didn't enjoy ourselves at all. You win some you lose some, right?
Saturday we decided to float the river. The Comal River to be exact. Last summer we floated the Guadalupe River, which was quite rocky and had low water, so we were thankful for higher water levels at the Comal and just a more relaxed float over all. There was also a man taking pictures as people floated by on the river! Once he had taken your picture, he'd toss you a strand of beads, Mardi Gras style, minus showing your boobs, that had a bobber and a waterproof tag that had his website on there. Which is how we ended up with this awesome picture!

After the river, as always, we grabbed some Gristmill, which is only the greatest restaurant in Gruene, Texas. The onion rings are to die for, and everything else is nothing short of perfection,
Also, a must stop- Simply Detailed! I always find so many amazing apparel items here, its so hard to limit myself.
 Saturday night was the real deal... Charlie Strong's Longhorn debut! It was a rocking' night at DKR!
 Stronghorns Longhorns Pulled off the win with ease, which left me with a happy boyfriend. Unfortunately, by this point in our trip we were slowly entering exhaustion territory. We needed up skipping the 6th street partying after the game and turned in early. Which ended up being the best thing because the next morning we got up bright and early to head to Schlitterbahn for the first 1/2 of the day! I came here so much when I was younger, but haven't been in the last 6 years, and boy have things changed! Nonetheless, Thomas and I had an awesome time!
 Sunday night, we went out for Mexican. Although we have Gloria's in Dallas, we tried out the one in Austin... The Austin location is just as crappy as the Dallas ones have become. So sad because this chain used to be one of our favorites.
After dinner, we again, headed down to New Braunfels, this time for a Travis Tritt/ Randy Rogers concert at White Water Amphitheater . We were in full on exhaustion mode by this point, and being at a venue where there were close to 5 thousand people was probably not the best thing. I think it was all of the middle aged women who were scantily clothed, or maybe it was the pregnant girl who was standing next to us drinking a beer, that did it for me, but all of that paired with two tired people, was not a good mix. We lasted through Travis Tritt and a couple of RRB songs until we had enough and retreated home. I was asleep before we even hit the highway. Knowing I was able to sleep in the next morning was enough to send me in to a deep, deep, sleep!
Monday morning, after sleeping in much later than any day prior, Thomas and I slowly packed our bags and prepped for our drive home.
I really can't call it a successful trip down south unless we make a stop at The Czech Stop in the small Texas town Of West.
We were sad to see our trip come to an end, but with this trip ending, it meant we were just a few days away from our trip to Boston! And little did we know, we'd be leaving even sooner than we thought. We head off to Boston tomorrow, which means I should really be packing, but of course, blogging>packing.
I hope everyone had a wonderful Labor Day and of course the start to September!


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