Adventures in Boston {Day 3}

I think, by this point in our trip, Thomas and I had decided that we were ready to call Boston home. Really. The ease of transportation, the closeness of everything, the amazing scenery... shall I go on? We were head over heels in love with every single thing about Boston. 
Our morning started out at The Green T Coffee shop! Delicious drinks and scrumptious pastries- what more could I ask for? This was an adorable coffee shop nestled in the bottom of our brownstone's building, it was so cute, and so cozy, they even had garage style doors that opened to the street and allowed for a nice breeze to pass through.
After a swift breakfast and some tiding up of our apartment, we were off for another day, in another part of the city.

Our first stop was The Old State House in the North End of Boston.
I have my camera around my neck, which I never do- I'm sure I screamed TOURIST with the way I looked

I'm so obsessed with these windy stairs- I can see myself having one or five sets of these in my future home.

Site of The Boston Massacre 

Quincy Market- which Thomas and I were both obsessed with. Yes, there were some trendy/normal mall type stores, but it was mostly awesome little vendors, super yummy local foods and eclectic little shops, with people from all walks of life. 

We were able to go inside Paul Revere's original home. It really reminded me of something from little house on the prairie.
This little cobblestone road seriously reminded me of last winter, when Texas got all that ice and snow(?) and all of the local reporters were calling it cobblestone ice.
But it was where this road led, not what it was made of that was the fun part....
Little Italy in Boston! Totally in love with this tiny town!
Ohhhhh Modern Pastry. Have I mentioned it was almost 2pm, Thomas hadn't picked a damn place to eat we hadn't chosen where we wanted to dine this lovely afternoon, and I was starving.

Sooooooo.... We ended up getting pastries to tide us over. Needless to say, the Pictured^ pastries weren't all that great, but we ended up going back for cannolis, which completely blew us away! They were amazing, and i was truly devastated when I realized I couldn't take any home. You MUST stop here if in Boston and craving anything sweet.
FINALLY, after lots and lots of walking, and lots of irritated bickering, we I spotted The Boston Sail Loft, and figured it would do.
I think I may have hit the jackpot with this restaurant, it was right on the water, the service was so friendly, and the fish and chips was heavenly. Seriously, absolutely delicious. Thomas had fried shrimp, which were each about the size of my head! We couldn't have asked for a better lunch!
If you even remotely enjoy tea....
You must check out David's Tea! Just up from the Train stop that dropped us off in this side of Boston is David's Tea. They have over 100 different types of loose leaf teas, and TONS of samples. I sampled a few different ones and decided the Pumpkin chai was for me, grabbed some for Thomas' tea loving mom and sister, and called it a day! Check out their online store too, where you can order teas, mugs, and travel tea brewers! I know I'll for sure be ordering more of my amazing Pumpkin Chai tea!
By this time, i was seriously so worn out. It wasn't even 4pm yet and I knew I needed a nap, a shower and some relaxation time. We headed back to our brownstone and just chilled for a little while
That night, it was back to Hingham to check out the Whalburg's other restaurant, Alma Nove, for dinner.
Just like Whalburger's, Alma Nove sat right on the water, providing amazing views and a spectacular atmosphere. Outside, they had a little more relaxed setting, while inside was totally steakhouse-type setting feel.
I can't say enough about the amazing meal we had. I had fish (of course), Thomas had steak (even bigger duh), and we also ordered a size of lobster mac and cheese (biggest duh ever). This was easily the best meal we have ever indulged in. Better than our beloved Neighborhood Services in Dallas. Seriously, if you go to Boston, and don't go to Alma Nove, you're crazy!
I couldn't have imagined this perfect trip without this man by my side!
The next morning, we packed up and prepped for the airport. We were said to go, but we will definitely be returning to Boston in the future
Airplane style:
 Target shirt; teal FitBit band; Rose Gold MK watch; mint Celebrity brand skinny jeans; Tory Burch Miller Sandals in Vanilla Cream
Missing Boston terribly on this tiresome Monday


  1. okay, I am SO going to the "Green T Coffee Shop" when I visit boston! x,kenz

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