Adventures in Boston {Day 2}

Day two? Already? Just kidding. The entire time we were in Boston, it felt like we had been there months! There was always so much stuff to do, we never felt as if we had hit that vacation plateau. We went for donuts for breakfast, mainly because they claimed to be the best donuts in Boston, but, sadly, they were no where near that.
For lunch we decided to hang out with Marky Mark and Donnie at their family burger restaurant, Whalburgers, in Hingham, Mass. But sadly, there were no sightings of the two, only their older brother Paul, who runs the restaurants. The burgers were amazing, along with everything else we got!
The ceiling lights had all of the movies Mark Whalburg had been in. Super cool!
I ordered a Big Papi, which was a mouthful of deliciousness as well as the fries that came on the side. I can't remember what Thomas got, but his tatortots may have been the best I ever had.
Alma Nove is the Whalburg's other restaurant. More about there when we visit on day 3!
Both of their dining establishments sit right on the water, that gave for the perfect views for lunch and provided a nice afternoon activity.
It was pretty warm this day, and luckily there was an Old Navy close by. My first shirt, pictures at the top of this post is more of a fall shirt- by that I mean I was hot as hell. So I bought a new one, and changed.
After our time in Hingham, we knew just the place we should head next.

We were both in serious awe of how well kept the buildings were and how beautiful the campus was.

While at Harvard, we happened to stumble upon the Worlds ONLY Curious George Store! Although not as big and curious as I expected, it was still pretty awesome! We were both sweaty, sleepy and hot at this point, and knew we needed to head home. After a few hours of rest, some showers and a cat nap, we were ready to hit the town again!
D'Amelio's Off the Boat Italian was on the menu for dinner! We made reservations almost two weeks in advance and there were only a few spots open when we called. Once we arrived, we figured out why, the restaurant was tiny! But it only added to the romantic ambiance.
The wait staff here was so sweet, and welcoming, and offered great recommendations. 
I had the Lobster Guiseppe. Spicy seafood? I'm in! Thomas had the Penne Cantante- which I don't think he realized was super spicy. Unlike me, he can't handle the heat enjoys his food less spicy. Regardless, both of our meals were amazing. We also added in a cup of clam chowder, which was to die for!
We were unsure about dessert at this point, because we were both stuffed to the max, but we went for it anyways. They were out of the "Chocolate Bomba" which was chocolate ice cream dipped in a chocolate shell, so we went with the "Exotic Bomba," which was raspberry and mango sherbet dipped in white chocolate and sprinkled with powdered sugar. I really can't put in to words how amazing this was. It sounded not so great, and ended up being the highlight of our meal!
Overall, this restaurant was perfect. It had an amazing atmosphere, with an amazing staff, and some of the most divine food we had ever tasted. We will definitely be back on our return trips to Boston!
In case you were wondering, yes, we really do always match.

By the end of day 2 (which was technically day 3) we were exhausted, and I still had online homework due. So we headed back to our brownstone and called it a night. Day 3 was our final full day in Boston, but it was nothing short of amazing! Check back later this week to hear all about it.


  1. i love seeing all your pictures in boston! i've actually never been but these food pics have me dying to go!

    1. The food alone is enough to make me want to go back and even move there!

  2. ahh once again, love this post! Your pictures are so beautiful! x,kenz