Adventures in Boston {Day 1}

Austin first, and Boston 3 days later? Sure, why not? 
Initially, Thomas and I were supposed to leave Austin on Sunday, August 31st, and leave for Boston early Friday, September 5th. Lol, considering nothing ever goes as planned with the two of us. We stayed to finish out the holiday weekend in Austin, and the very next night after returning home from one vacation, we found out or next one was coming sooner than we though. Our 5am flight on Friday and been cancelled along with our late Monday return flight, and the only available one was late Friday afternoon and early Monday morning. Totally not okay with us... We were, after all, seeing the greatest ballpark ever that Friday night, and couldn't risk a flight delay, or anything of that nature. We had to change our flights to Thursday afternoon, figure out where we would stay on our extra night, and arrange airport transportation. Luckily, I have the greatest boss in the world, who totally understood and sent me on my way, we found an additional AirBnB home to stay in, and Thomas' awesome sister was able to take us to the airport. Crisis averted!
We didn't get in to Boston until late Thursday night, and went straight to bed. But we hit the town running first thing Friday morning.
We grabbed a quick breakfast and headed out to Where we would be staying the remainder of our trip.
By the time we dropped our bags and began to walk around town a bit, we realized we were both dying of hunger. With some help for Yelp! we found Penguin Pizza, less than 1/10 of a miles walk from our brownstone.
Their ceiling was awesome
The wall we sat closest to was lined with beer mugs with their owners named etched on them. Pretty cool!
I convinced Thomas that Bruschetta wasn't all that bad and ordered this for our appetizer, and of course, he ended up loving it!
Their pizza was absolutely amazing! Truly to die for! We ordered their "Honolulu" which came with pineapple, bacon, and onions MY KINDA PIZZA! There were only two servers servicing the entire restaurant, and doing a damn good job at it- something you would never see in Dallas.
We both had a serious sweet tooth after pizza, so we opted for J.P. Licks, which was on the same block as our pizza restaurant. They had so many options, and such awesome decor.
Cake batter-cookies and cream! Wow oh wow. It was decadent, but almost too sweet for us! We couldn't even finish it. After we finished our ice cream, we knew we needed to go walk all of our recent indulgences off, where better than Newbury Street in Bay Bay, Boston? It's like Northpark mall, the Dallas Farmers Market, and Stonebriar mall, all piled in to one.
Not to mention the scenery. The buildings and churches seriously blew me away!
These steps seriously reminded me of the ever so many Law and Order: SVU episodes where the bad guys escape one the fire escapes.
This is where the real fun began. To our left was all of the small boutiques and trendy shops and to our right was Cartier, Armani, and Burberry, all of the shops I promised myself I wouldn't go in to. It took all of my might not to go to the right, but somehow, I managed to turn left and only shopped in stores that I wouldn't be able to find at home.
There was an amazing farmers market that had endless options for fresh produce, flowers and all sorts of baked goods. 
John Copley-The plaza area was named after him
Our last stop was an Italian Slush-Seriously, it was perfect. The temps in Boston were a blazing 95, which we did NOT pack for, so we were incredibly hot, and the Slush man was so incredibly sweet, we just couldn't resist. After a long, sweaty day, it was time to head back to our brownstone and get ready for our night. After all, the game was what we came for!
Clearly, my royal blue was a little off for the Red Sox, but we made do. I'd say we looked pretty darn good.
The atmosphere outside of the ballpark was electrifying. I can't even begin to explain it. 

We asked a local what to get at Fenway, he assured us we wouldn't go wrong if we ordered a sausage and peppers. I hate strongly dislike sausage, and this was heavenly. So So So goooood. But I'd never eat one if it wasn't in Boston

Inside the Ballpark, we were so blown away. Definitely our favorite of the 5 ballparks we have seen so far!
Overall, we loved every single thing about Fenway, and I will definitely cherish our time there! Day one of our Boston adventure was definitely a blast, but day two was just as great. I'll post the rest of our adventures later in the week. I hope everyone has a magnificent Monday!


  1. looks like you had an amazing time! I don't know what it is, but lately I have fell in love with Boston. I am visiting there in November and can't wait! x,kenz

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