{Tour Of The Ballparks} Vacation Day 4 (FINALLY)

I've had 3 consecutive days off, and I have done just about everything except relax. From cleaning the house, to finally getting some long awaited decorating done, I have done it all. All while neglecting my last blog post about our trip. So here it goes!

We relaxed a little on our last morning. Took leisurely showers and prepped for our long drive home! There was one thing Thomas and I both agreed on getting before we left KC, and that was Oklahoma Joe's BBQ! Rated the best in Kansas City, it happens to be in a gas station, weird, but it was definitely not lacking in any areas. I dined on a Z man sandwich- brisket on a Kiser roll, with cheese and finally topped with a helping of onion rings and their amazing BBQ sauce. Although I was a little sad that they did not have mashed potatoes to enjoy with my bbq, I survived.

Many places in Texas could take note from the signs they had displayed at each of their tables!
 After lunch, Thomas and I decided it was time to bid Kansas City a due, and head home to the greatest state there is!
 After a torrential downpour in Northern Oklahoma that caused me to hydroplane (my first time in my 5 years of driving), and a couple restroom stops along the way, we passed over the Red River! HOME! Honestly, how gorgeous is this?

Any fellow Texan knows that this photo is a must when entering our great state after time away!
 I've stopped at this rest-stop many many times. It's just over the TX/OK border, and it is massive. I stopped at it after many soccer tournaments in Oklahoma growing up, I stopped at it with Thomas mom after we dropped him off at school in Kansas a few years ago, and finally, after all of that time, I finally stopped and took a picture. A marvelous picture at that. We now have this picture blown up and hanging in our living room. Perfect addition to our rustic-Texas themed living room.
Just inside of Gainsville, after passing more rain I forced asked Thomas to pull over to take this amazing shot. A full rainbow with a second rainbow behind it! It's not often you see something like this. Clearly, Texas wanted to welcome us home the proper way!

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday, and is enjoying the long weekend. I know I am!

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