{Tour Of The Ballparks} Vacation Day 3

Day 3 started off bright and early! We scoured Yelp! for the best breakfast place in KC, and found quite a lot of delicious options, but had one that stuck out the most.
Rated #1 breakfast in KC, like many other famous spots in Kansas City, it was located in an abandoned gas station, which provided the perfect home to this incredible restaurant!
The inside of the restaurant had the most awesome decor! Very rustic-shabby chic... Totally my style!  There were many, very different, unique chairs at each table, along with many other small aspects that made this quaint little restaurant amazing.

The menu was host to so many dishes that sounded divine, but Thomas and I went with the Raised Waffles- a local favorite and The Chicken Biscuit. The waffles were the most decadent breakfast item I have even enjoyed, they were so light and the syrup made them perfectly sweet! Thomas' Chicken Biscuit put Whataburger to shame (Didn't know that was even possible?) Overall, this was our favorite meal on the entire trip, and easily our most favorite breakfast/brunch spot we have ever been to!
 Super Nova was super good! And sipping it out of the mason jar made it even better.
This place was exactly what we needed after our rough experience in St. Louis. The Plaza has many designer shops, fine dining and awesome architecture. If you're from Dallas, I'd say it's a mix of the shopping indulgences of Northpark Mall with the scenery of The Shops At Legacy- perfect right? RIGHT!
Of course, we had to pop in to Tiffany's with hopes of finding the sunglasses I want, but sadly, there were no where to be found!
By mid-day, Thomas and I were parched, and stopped in to Gram & Dun for a drink, but ended up staying for lunch and a delicious dessert.
Short rib slider w/ a side of house made ketchup & fries (split)
We overheard another waitress telling her table that the dessert of the day was this blackberry "cobbler" and Thomas knew that was the dessert for us! This was unlike any cobbler either of us had ever had. It was more of a blackberry puree-type mixture inside of a pie crust. Needless to say, it was perfect. We were sad to hear that we had to give 48 hour notice when ordering a whole pie, or we would have ordered a few to take home with us! Maybe next time.

Thomas and I popped in to a Sunglasses Hut, just to look, and ended up buying the sunglasses on the left... But due to my extremely large head, my susceptibility to migraines, and the narrowness of the sunglasses frame, I had to return them the same day. Nevertheless, I upgraded them to a better style of Tory Burch's, so no complaining was done by me!
After a few hours spent browsing another local hotspot, we headed to Kauffman Stadium to catch the Royals vs Dodgers game.

There was a beautiful sunset as we were leaving the game. Although I will always think Texas sunsets are the most beautiful, we saw some pretty breathtaking sights while traveling.
Loved the view of the stadium from the highway!
Downtown Kansas City
Just up from where we were staying was "State Line Road." As you can see from the map, it was literally the state line. It's crazy to me that people live on the boarder of two states. Texas is so huge, that It'd take hours to get to any border of this state, much less live on the boarder.
This night, much like the night before was ended with Miami Ice. They're famous for their snow cones, which have custard at the bottom. Definitely a new concept for both of us, but we both loved them!

After a long day, we were ready to head to bed, and that we did!
Day 4 is the final day of our trip, but that doesn't mean there was no fun to be had. Check back tomorrow for some amazing pictures of our adventure home!

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