{Tour Of The Ballparks} Vacation Day 2

Lo & behold, our adventures in St. Louis were not over yet! We still had to find an awesome breakfast place as well as visit Busch Stadium.
We started off our Sunday morning with an early brunch at The Wildflower just down from where we were staying. The reviews were wonderful and we had high hopes!

While we enjoyed our food, the service was not so great, and the coffee needed an upgrade!
 After breakfast, we packed up, checked out and set off for the ballpark! On our way to the stadium, we passed by this adorable Starbucks, but little did we know, it had a Chipotle attached to it, all in the same building! As Thomas kept saying, "White Girl Heaven!"
On our way to the ballpark, we saw this lovely man... Holding his tickets on a fishing pole? Interesting to say the least!
Thomas and I set the goal last summer to see every ballpark in the country, and seeing Busch Stadium, home of the evil St. Louis Cardinals was #3 on our road of 30. Needless to say, I refused to buy a Cardinals-only t-shirt, so I settled for a STL/LA shirt... That makes it better, right Rangers fans?
My new Kate Spade bag was the perfect carry-all!
It was a very hot day at the ballpark! Living in Texas, we are no stranger to high temps, but this game was super hot! Not to mention I was dealing with some intense burns(?) down the outside of my thighs, that I still have no idea of how they came about, so my discomfort was at an all time high!
Maybe TMI- but look at this! It's since gotten slightly better, but still not great!
 Prior to them tearing down the old Cardinals ballpark, they saved many of the old aspects of it, including a few of these. Too cool to see all of the ways they incorporated the old with the new!
They even had a Build-A-Bear inside of the ballpark! If this isn't marking at its finest, I don't know what is!
We had awesome seats, that became even more awesome when two gentlemen offered to switch with us so they could sit near their friends! Ended up in row 12! Totally awesome! Not so awesome was the Cardinals Spring Water... Maybe I am spoiled with the glorious taste of Ozarka water, or any of the other perfectly bottled water here in Texas, but this water, that was $6, was awful!

 I don't think there was one part of this ballpark that we didn't love, except the minor detail of it belonging to the team I hate the second most!
We departed there shortly after leaving the game for our 4 hour drive to Kansas City for the second half of our trip.

Check back tomorrow for day {3} of our {4} day adventure!

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