{DIY} From Shitty To Chic {The BEST Yet}

This past summer I began upcycling and have loved it ever since! You can read about one of my very first adventures in upcycling here. Lately, I have been looking for just the perfect piece of furniture to re-do and make all my own. I usually go to the resale store not from my house about once a week to check out what they have. Many of my super cute-anthropology type decorations are crappy old decorations from the thrift store/ resale store that I have painted, decorated or reupholstered.

I found this awesome armorie, which was ugly as hell had a lot of character and good bones! It is very sturdy and seemed to have no problems, other than it being ugly and badly painted. It has only cosmetic (painting) issues that I happily fixed with a little sandpaper, primer, and paint!


As you can see,they painted OVER the hinges and all other hardware, which made getting the hardware off, even harder! Never fear though, my girly instincts kicked in immediately, and I knew just what to do!

NAIL POLISH REMOVER! It gets all that yucky nail polish off of my nails, why wouldn't it get crappy paint off of real nails? I'm sure I could have used a paint thinner or something of that sort, but why bother when I knew nail polish remover would do the trick!

 Here is almost all of the hardware I had to get off of the armoire! Needless to say, it all went to the trash, and new hardware was purchased!

After all the hardware removal, this was what I had to work with! ON TO SANDING!

Here are my handy supplies, and try to my fashion, they were all super cheap!
This is after one coat of paint! It was definitely not as easy I thought it would be to paint, but somehow I struggled through!

After lots of searching, I finally found these little hooks! Which will serve as the prongs to hold my necklaces and bracelets. I screwed them in to the interior walls
After much consideration, I realized that those awful doors would not be going back on to this piece. Instead, I decided to get a small tension rod from Hobby lobby, and some cute fabric (pictured in the back) that just happened to match my bedding perfectly to use as curtains!
While at Hobby Lobby, I snagged these cute drawer pulls, which happened to be 50% off! Score!
Annnnnnd here's the final product... In our new apartment! I opted not to put the backing on because it just didn't quite look right! I have yet to put any jewelry on the hooks, but I've already filled the drawers with lots of stuff!

It's been a busy past week! Thomas and I took a day trip to Austin, met some of our favorite awesome country music stars, and moved in to our new apartment, all in one week! After a 4 day weekend, tomorrow starts another week of work! I hope everyone has an awesome start to their May! Summer is right around the corner!

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  1. I love it! I wish I had an eye for things like this! :) Awesome job! Cant wait to see the next thing!

    Love Always,