Anniversary & A BIG Birthday!

Another year, another May 14th & 18th. Only kidding. I get so excited when May rolls around. This year, May brought so many amazing things. Our move in (together), apartment decorating, a mini trip to Austin, and of course, our anniversary and Thomas' (21st) birthday! 
Thomas and I dined at Steve Fields Lobster Lounge to celebrate two years of being together.
Can we talk about how perfect of a gift giver Thomas is? A Kate Spade bag and Tory Burch earrings... Earrings and a purse- AKA my heaven.
My gift to Thomas was gift certificate for a couples massage as well as this shadow box with an array of baseball, concert and movie tickets from the last two years. It's crazy to think that in our two years together, between the two of us, we have lived in  5 different cities, in two different states, traveled to over 15 different cities together, and gone to over 50 baseball games (including some of Thomas'). I am forever grateful to have Thomas in my life!
Thomas told me no balloons, no cake, and no making it a big deal... But growing up, for me, birthdays were a huge deal! So I thought I'd go a little above and beyond! Thomas knew he had a big birthday surprise coming, but he had no idea just what I had up my sleeve. He was shocked when he opened his 4 envelopes labeled "First," "Second,""Third," and "Finally," each one reveling a stop on our trip. First St. Louis, then to a Cardinals game, then off to Kansas City, and finally to a Royals game. He loved the idea, and I know he's gonna love the trip even more! Especially with all of the little surprises I have planned!
For my birthday back in January, Thomas took me to Ruidoso, New Mexico for an amazing ski trip, read about it here!
Thomas enjoying his first legal drink!

 We had planned on going back out, in order for him to indulge in a few more shots once we returned from lunch out with him family, but unfortunately, Thomas' allergies got the best of him, and he retired to the couch for the day. I had bought this cupcake the day before, in hopes of getting a cute video of him drunkenly blowing out his candles on his big day, unfortunately, that did not happen. Nonetheless, the next night, when Thomas returned home from work, I made sure He was able to blow out his candles and enjoy the little cupcake!

I love celebrating birthdays! Do you have any fun birthday rituals? 

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  1. Oh my goodness you both are such good gift givers! My husband I could learn a lesson from you two, and I am completely with you on Kate Spade. I am using my Shopkick points to save up for a Kate Spade purse :)