A few things I'm lovin'

I've totally neglected my blog the last couple of weeks, but all for a good reason! May has been my busiest month of the entire year! It started off with getting the keys to our apartment, heading to Austin to catch Brett Eldredge @ Austin City Limits, and then moving to our new apartment the very next day! Did I mention May also holds Thomas' (21st) birthday and our anniversary? Needless to say, it's been a crazy month. Here are a few of the things I am currently loving!

1. My amazing Cath Kidston kitchen towels! Thomas' mom recently took a trip to England, which I was way jealous of, but she brought us back tons of goodies, including these too cute hand towels. Cath Kidston is a big designer in the UK!Our kitchen is adorned in red and black, so these towels go perfectly! They really liven up our kitchen! And we not only got one set, but two sets and an oven mitt! Love love love these!
2. Market Street! This might be totally lame, but I am really loving Market Street! There is one practically within walking distance from our new home, and it's proven true! It is very similar to Kroger, but I feel as though it is even better! They have a smoothie bar... A smoothie bar! What's not to love about a smoothie bar?
3. Flax Seed! Call me crazy, but I'm always trying to find a new (healthy?) texture to add to my food, and flax seed is just that! It has some crazy good health benefits, one of which is helping to prevent breast cancer, which runs in my family! I've been sprinkling this in my oatmeal at breakfast, on my salads at lunch and just a little bit into whatever I'm having for dinner. It's great!
4. Walks with Soph! I don't post often about Sophie, but she is my German Shepherd- Blue Heeler mix that I've had since she was a baby. Now that we are living in an apartment, I am much more conscious of how much exercise she is getting! We have both been enjoying our hour long jogs/walks each night. Definitely relaxing!
5. Sugar Coma Cookies! Boy oh boy, do I looooove these! The ones pictured are ones that I had made for Thomas' 21st birthday last week! I managed to order enough to have some left over and have been snacking on them all week. They're amazing!

It's crazy how fast this month has gone, but I am so ready for this summer! This weekend will be filled with family and friends on Saturday, good music as Thomas and I will be heading out to The Rustic on Sunday night, to again, catch Brett Eldredge in concert, and relaxation on Monday!

I hope you all have a safe and happy Memorial Day weekend!

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