A Double Dose of Brett {Austin City Limits & The Rustic Dallas}

In the last couple of weeks Thomas and I have gone on some crazy, awesome, concert adventures! On April 30th, we took a day trip down to Austin (one of our favorite things to do) to catch the Chase Rise- Brett Eldredge- Billy Currington concert at Austin City Limits!
Chase Rice is a new star, getting his start behind the scenes writing hits like Florida Georgia Line's song Cruise. Needless to say, he rocked it! Looking forward to seeing him again!
Short meet & greet with Chase Rice after his performance! He was awesome!
 We had meet & greet passes to meet Brett Eldredge! Thomas surprised me with these, pretty much out of no where, but I really wasn't complaining!
Standing in line for our meet & greet!
Loved getting to meet him!
During our "meet & greet" time, Thomas asked Brett when he would be coming to Dallas, a guy on his staff said they had no set dates to be in Dallas anytime soon. Such a sad moment, but little did we know, he'd be here sooner than any of us thought!

Brett preforming "Don't Ya" @Austin City Limits
While we enjoyed ourselves at Austin City Limits, and being able to Meet Brett Eldredge at this venue, we ended up leaving early, during Billy Currington because we were both a little tired, and knew we had a long drive home to Dallas that night!
On May 19th, as I made my way to work that morning, scanning radio stations for one that actually had music on at 7 in the morning, I made it to New Country 96.3 KSCS, #2 on my presets. After the song ended, I thought I was going to have to sit through another boring commercial, but instead I heard Hawkeye & Dorsey in the morning mention that Brett Eldredge would be in Dallas that very weekend. Had a small fan girl moment and freaked out! Then regained my composure and sent a text to Thomas in all caps, informing him of the news, and of course, he went ahead and bought our tickets.
Our view on the way to the outdoor concert... 
Dallas weather clearly didn't know Brett was coming- just up the street from The Rustic

Despite the yucky weather, we were ready to fall in love to the beat of the music!
Google image
As we pulled up to The Rustic, we quickly realized this venue was no joke! The parking lot was packed, and the line to valet was an easy 25 cars long. Being who Thomas is, pretty much a celebrity in the Valet world ;) or so it feels like, we were parked smack dab in the front, and also got to skip the 200 person line once the concert was over, grab our keys, and go- pretty good feeling! See that fancy little bull sitting just inside the glass walls? It was outside, and it has smoke coming from it's nose! So cool!
The Stage- Despite the rain, the band was still setting up
The stage sat at the front of a gravel covered lot, along with a grassy hill and a few picnic tables scattered about! The Rustic Dallas definitely knew what they were doing when they created this set up! I can't say enough good things about this venue. Unfortunately, Thomas and I could not find any info about meet & greet with Brett, so we gave up early in the week. Sad to hear that there was one, and we missed out. There's always next time!
Obviously Brett wasn't going to let a little rain hold him back
Awesome bar, with awesome staff & great drinks!
Many of the staff seemed so frazzled at the high number of visitors they were experiencing, but they were all extremely accommodating and friendly! Thomas' favorite drink of the night was The Rustic's Bobby Ray- a little fruity but really strong!

Due to the fact Thomas and I had only had brunch early in the day, we were starving! We (he) opted for The Rustic Burger, and much like the rest of the restaurant & venue, it did not disappoint! I don't think we even really looked to see what was on the burger when we ordered it, but it was spectacular!

Thomas and I hung to the right of the stage, under the raised garage-type doors to avoid and potential downpours and to semi-close to the bar.

Brett preforming "Don't Ya" @The Rustic Dallas
This guy had so much energy and the crowed made it even better! I love the awesome view of City Place Tower in this video!
You know what you don't see in this shot? A ton of drunk, high school girls. Want to know why? When entering the venue, you are given either one or two wristbands. If you are under 21, you are only given one purple wristband, if you are over 21, you were given a purple and a red wristband. I feel as though this really helped keep the irresponsible, underage drinking to a minimum. It made the venue a much nicer place to be without all of the typical, drunk, underage, obnoxious, high-schoolers running around.
Brett preforming "Beat of the Music" @The Rustic Dallas
Once the show was over, many began to leave, but as any smart concert goer knows, you never leave after the last song, because they always come back! Brett was no exception to this rule, he came back for an encore performance and serenaded us with some awesome oldies hit, as well as some Brooks & Dun and other popular country songs!
Overall, The Rustic blew us away! It is an incredible venue, and an even better show! Brett rocked the stage, and definitely had so much more energy in Dallas than the previous time we saw him in Austin. We will definitely be back to dine at The Rustic Dallas and hopefully for many more concerts!

Hope everyone has a great Monday & Remember what Memorial Day is all about!

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