It's Texas Forever, Y'all!

Ever looked around, and been like "damn, I live in the best state ever?" No? Then you must not live in Texas! Honestly, it's the 2nd biggest state, but forever the best. If you don't live in Texas, you definitely probably wont have the same views on this as any Texan, but who really cares! Only kidding.. Kinda!
Here's 20 reasons why I could NEVER EVER live in any state other than Texas!

1. Constant Tex Mex.... Endless chips, salsa, queso, fajita, and the list goes on and on!

Lake Lewisville
2. You can take a road trip through Texas, see hills, plains, mountains, rivers, lakes, oceans, and much much more!

Shape of Texas, in Grand Prarie
3. Ever taken a look at our perfect state flag? What other state has such a perfect flag? And um... Who else can fly their flag just as high as the American Flag? Oh right, NO ONE!

My senior pictures. Boots, jeans & some chunky jewelry. Perfect.
4. We can wear boots anywhere, anytime, and not be judged, ever.

5. Bluebonnets. Bluebonnets everywhere in spring. I don't think I'd be too happy having to drive  anywhere and not being able to see the fields of blue covering as far as the eye can see!

6.WE HAVE BLUEBELL ICE CREAM Y'ALL! Recently, I went to NM for my birthday... All Thomas and I wanted was some Bluebell ice cream after a long day on the slopes... We could not find any. At all. Devastating. 
2013 UT/OU
We were excited, can ya tell?
7. Red river rivalry! You can't, not pick a side. HOOK 'EM!
Overlooking DKR in Austin @ a G
8. Austin! It is by far, the weirdest, dirtiest, craziest, funnest place I have ever been. What state has a town as magnificent as that? Don't argue. It's just the best. (Mainly because it is home to the best college ever!)

9. We have SO MANY RIVERS... Grab a tube, and a cooler, and you have the perfect plans for the day!

10. Texas country music.... Do any other states have their own brand of country music? Enough said.

From one, very short, run to the San Marcos Outlet malls!
11. We have the greatest malls... EVER. So many malls, outlet malls, strip malls, etc. The list could go on and on forever. It's just perfect

12. Czech Stop. OH MY GOD. Can we talk about heaven? No, really, it's like heaven in a pastry!

13. The stars at night... are big and bright....BUM BUM BUM- DEEP IN THE HEART OF TEXAS! We all know you sang along!

14. Is there another state that has as magnificent as a fair as the GREAT State Fair of Texas? NOPE! And we have the biggest Ferris wheel! Duh!

15. Which reminds me... Do other states fry anything and everything in sight? No? Just us? Okay, that's what I thought!

16. We have homecoming mums. Big ass homecoming mums! Which I have made for the past 6 years of my life!

17. Texas is perfect, because we have perfect toast. AKA- Texas Toast. Yes, it's perfect, just like the state. Duh again.
18. How many other states outlines look as cool as ours do... as a tattoo?

19. We have Buc-ee's. No other "gas station" will ever rival this one!

20. George Strait is from here. Take that in Y'all. The king was born here. And still lives here. Because Texas is made for royalty!

If you have any doubts as to why Texas is the greatest after reading this, well Bless Your Heart

Have a great weekend y'all!


  1. Its great to have State Pride but I have to disagree and say that South Carolina takes the cake!! ;) We will just have to agree to disagree! :) (Texas does seem pretty nice though :) and a lot like SC! :))

    Love Always,

  2. This is fun. I am really going to hang out all day long there in Texas soon.