{DIY} Shitty to Chic!

So a couple of weeks ago, one of my Thrifty Friday Finds, was these two rusty, white stars! I saw them, and saw lots of potential! At the time, I couldn't decide what color I'd paint them, but after much consideration, I decided to play it safe and go with something neutral.

Since the stars were a little dirty, I decided to clean them up! What better to use than my trusty dish soap? I scrubbed them with a little bit of steel wool, and....
BAM! Almost as good as new!
Once they were clean, I mixed up some paint and was ready to go! I rarely ever use the actual color of paint that I buy, I am always mixing colors to find the perfect shade!

Here are both of my stars, painted. The one on the right had one coat of paint, and the one on the left had two coats!

After I let the paint sit for just a few minutes, I grabbed a paper towel and started wiping all the excess paint off! Since there are elevated designs on the stars, I concentrated on those areas in order to make them pop just a little more!
Here's my final project! This was by far, one of my easiest, quickest, most simple crafts I have ever done!
I can't wait to find the perfect place in my apartment for them (less than 2 months till move in day)! 

Hope everyone has a great start to their week, and happy spring break to all most of my college friends!


  1. Wish I was on Spring break! My college decided to do ours A WEEK BEFORE FINALS! Ugh. haha but onto the post... I LOVE those stars! You did such an awesome job on them and the finished product blew me away! Maybe one day I will be crafty. hahah

    Love Always,

    1. Thanks so much! Me being "crafty" just kinda came about one day when I was bored, so you never know when it might happen! I think your spring break is CRAZY! I would lose my mind without that little break in March!